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Czech Center New York Mission

The Czech Center New York is dedicated to strengthening the cultural ties between the Czech Republic and the United States. It presents events that feed into and complement the multi-cultural fabric of New York City providing material for a continuous dialogue between two distinct yet historically connected and kindred nations. It brings in not only artists but also academics to introduce Czech culture to an American audience in the hope that lasting partnerships will be formed and lead to continued cultural, educational and academic exchanges.

Though we stand as a representative of the Czech Republic, we are here with the specific mission of engaging with New York’s multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community. The Czech Center’s mission is to establish strong bonds with the diverse ethnic and cultural landscape that constitutes this incredible city. We at the Czech Center open our doors to all artists, young and seasoned, and dedicate our cultural institution and our creative spaces for you to have a foundation for your creative output. We seek to create a vibrant, progressive, international atmosphere for the propagation of social dialogue and artistic expression.


Barbara Karpetová
Email: karpetova@czechcenter.com
Phone: 646-422-3399 





Jan Žahour 
Assistant Director
Email: zahour@czechcenter.com
Telefon: 646-422-3399






Marie Dvořáková
Programming Director
Email: dvorakova@czechcenter.com
Phone: 646-422-3399






Charlotte Sparacino
Public Relations & Communications Specialist
Email: sparacino@czechcenter.com
Phone: 646-422-3395







Aneta Ruttenbacherová






Iva Petrovová










Czech Centers
are a contributory organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, established to promote the Czech Republic abroad. The network of Czech Centers abroad is an active tool of the foreign policy of the Czech Republic in the area of public diplomacy.

These centres interconnect presentations in the cultural arena and support of external economic relations and tourism. They provide informational services about the Czech Republic. This set of tasks is formulated in the valid Statute of the Czech Centers, dating from 2004.

The Czech Centres network consisted of the Czech Centers Headquarters in Prague, 22 branches abroad, and the Czech Center Prague.

Czech Centers are members of the European Union of National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC).

Bohemian National Hall on Google Maps Virtual Tour

Come and take a VIRTUAL TOUR of the Bohemian Nation Hall
Our five-story building was designed by William C. Frohne in the Renaissance Revival style, and built in 1896 and renovated in 2008. It is a rare survivor of the many social halls built in the nineteenth century for New York City's immigrant ethnic communities. BNH hosts many cultural events and celebrates the arts, film, literature, education and more.
It is also a monument to the history of immigrants in New York City and the United States.