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March in New York City relates to the infamous Armory Show, the International Exhibition of Modern Art that was organized by the Association of American Painters and Sculptors in 1913, the first large exhibition of modern art in America. The Armory Show is New York City’s premier art fair and a leading cultural destination for discovering and collecting the world’s most important 20th- and 21st-century art. Staged on Piers 92 & 94, The Armory Show features presentations by over 200 leading international galleries, innovative artist commissions and dynamic public programs.

There are several events happening simultaneously with the Armory Arts Week. One of them is a VOLTA NY, a contemporary art fair comprised of solo projects by leading and emerging artists including Czech artists Sofie Švejdová presented by Jiri Svestka Gallery 
and Jan Uldrych, who is presented by The Chemistry Gallery. The American incarnation of the original Basel VOLTA show, VOLTA NY has since its 2008 debut operated as a beacon for creative discovery and social engagement. VOLTA NY showcases contemporary art positions in an approachable way accessible to younger art-lovers and seasoned collectors alike. By spotlighting artists through solo projects, VOLTA NY promotes their galleries’ exhibition styles “at home” while refocusing the fair-going experience back to its most fundamental point: the artists and their works. Staged on Pier 90, the fair takes place between 7-11 March 2018.

Another art fair running concurrent with Armory Show is a SCOPE – the show best-known for presenting groundbreaking contemporary work. 60 international exhibitors are accompanied by program with a focused schedule of events, talks and screenings. SCOPE New York’s spirit of innovation has consistently forged the way for emerging artists and galleries. Attuned to nuances in the market and itself an influential force in the cultural sphere, SCOPE continues to usher in a new vision of the contemporary art fair. And the same does the famous Czech painter Tomáš Němec, whose work you have an opportunity to see at this fair. SCOPE New York opens on Thursday, March 8, 2017 and will run through Sunday, March 11, 2018.

At the time of all these art fairs, join us in Bohemian National Hall for the opening of the New Bohemia series called “MUSE MUSE.” With an invited international group of curators, this show emphasizes the relationship between curator and artist – muse muse, a muse muse, muse amuse, muse muse muse – the alliteration itself is almost inspiring. Opening reception is on Friday, March 9th, 2018, 7-10PM. Exhibition is on view from March 9th – April 6th, 2018. As a part of the New Bohemia Exhibition Series initiated by Czech Center New York celebrating the 100-year Anniversary of the First Republic and the democratic ideals ushered in by Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, this show examines the transformation of identity and self against the background of post 1918 political and social change reflected in the shift initiated by the First Republic.