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Czech Center New York
at the Bohemian National Hall (between 1st and 2nd Avenue)
321 E 73rd Street
New York, NY 10021

Phone: 646-422-3399
Fax: 646-422-3383

Take subway train 6 to 68th Street -Hunter College or 77th Street
or Q train to 72nd Street.

Česká centra

jsou příspěvkovou organizací Ministerstva zahraničních věcí ČR zřízenou pro celkovou propagaci ČR v zahraničí. Síť zahraničních zastoupení Českých center je aktivním nástrojem zahraniční politiky České republiky v oblasti veřejné diplomacie.



Jan Žahour 
Poveřen řízením
Email: zahour@czechcenter.com
Telefon: 646-422-3399





Marie Dvořáková
Programová ředitelka
Email: dvorakova@czechcenter.com
Telefon: 646-422-3399




Public Relations & Communications Specialist
Email: info@czechcenter.com
Phone: 646-422-3395



Milena Merhoutová






Lucie Škopková






Alexandra Zieglerová







“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
~William Shakespeare, As You Like It.

The Czech Center in New York presents The Artists’ Think Tank, a multi-sensory experience utilizing the many layers of the arts to create a catalyst for addressing hot topics that continue to sizzle in society. The Artists’ Think Tank will incorporate the aspects of the five senses to stimulate and uncover new awakenings.

The approach serves to draw new discoveries, for example, by combining the visual experience of film screenings and exhibitions, with the auditory nuances of exquisite concerts, and the gustatory delicacies of culinary cuisine. Utilizing this fusion of the arts, the Czech Center awakens the inner soul and initiates discussions from the outsider’s perspective, the expert, and the everyday person in order to push boundaries and create a window of discovery.

Humor also is an asset for breaking down barriers. The arts can serve as a muse of inspiration, cognitive connections, a place of intersection for serendipity and synergy. Through the stimulation of the senses, we unravel “ah-ha” moments and expand our understanding –driving us to see beyond our own blind sight.

The Czech Center New York is dedicated to strengthening the cultural ties between the Czech Republic and the United States. It presents events that feed into and complement the multi-cultural fabric of New York City providing material for a continuous dialogue between two distinct yet historically connected and kindred nations. It brings in not only artists but also academics to introduce Czech culture to an American audience in the hope that lasting partnerships will be formed and lead to continued cultural, educational and academic exchanges.

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