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26.9.2010 0:00 - 0:00


Světová premiéra nové skladby ESCAPE ROUTINES českého skladatele Miroslava Srnky.


The Terezin Music Foundation Annual Gala Concert

26.září, 2010 , 3pm

MIROSLAV SRNKA's "ESCAPE ROUTINES" for harp, clarinet, and string trio

Performed at Symphony Hall, Boston, by ...

Jessica Zhou, harp

Thomas Martin, clarinet

Si-Jing Huang, violin

Mark Ludwig, viola

Sato Knudsen, cello

at the TMF Annual Gala Concert featuring LEON FLEISHER

Program and more information

Tickets are $150 and include a cocktail reception with the artists.

Contact Terezín Music Foundation, info@terezinmusic.org, tel. 857-222-8262.

Miroslav Srnka is a young Czech composer and a fast-rising star in contemporary music. He has won the Gideon Klein Award, the Ernst Von Siemens Composers Prize, and the Leos Janacek Anniversary Prize, as well as numerous commissions premiered with the the world's outstanding orchestras and artists. His latest commission is an opera for Aldeburgh Music. "Escape Routines" will be published by Barenreiter Verlag.

"This is a fantastic piece. We are thrilled to be preparing this work for performance in Prague, throughout Europe, and in the U.S."

--Mark Ludwig, TMF Founding Director

In the words of the composer...

"Writing a piece for the Terezín Music Foundation was for me a task about the incredible and mysterious power of music to create freedom under almost every possible circumstance. The issue of freedom is crucial especially in chamber music. On one hand the few players have to concentrate to stay a very well balanced sound "machine," on the other hand they have to find freedom to express themselves individually.

"In 'Escape Routines,' the five instruments act as a very close family: at certain moments, they create one unique energy by melding the very different ways of creating sound. At other moments, they try to find routine patterns to escape into their soloist freedoms. But where is really this freedom of music: is it in those individual escapes of each player? Or is indeed in the unique way of being together in sound? In the possibility to escape together?"

Organizátor: The Terezin Music Foundation


Místo konání:

321 East 73rd Street
NY 10021 New York
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26.9.2010 0:00 - 0:00


Terezin Music Foundation

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