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Prague-New York Effects

Czech Center New York is proud to announce the creation of 4 world premieres. Diverse artistic disciplines meet in the narrow interstitial space between cultures and countries to create unique resonance.



One Czech artist and one American artist, from different sides of the ocean, each of them from a different cultural context, each of them from a different social class, from different ethnicities, from different traditions, and different stereotypes. They are meeting on one stage. They will create performance duets in the middle of a circle face to face. They are meeting in New York. They will experiment and work on a common performance.

 How will this meeting change them? What they will bring back to their country? Prague-New York Effects is a series where top music, dance and visual art performers come together to bring new performance art productions into existence.

Through this initiative we extend our hands of friendship and connection across the Atlantic, building bridges to greater understanding and shared experiences.

Prague-New York Effects demonstrates how the arts transcend borders and cultures, and helps reaffirm the belief that forces uniting us are stronger than those that divide us. Witness the special alchemy that results when American and Czech talents come together through the power of the arts, to educate and enlighten.

This project is supported by Czech Ambassador to the United States, Petr Gandalovič, and US Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Andrew Schapiro.

The First Effect sees the creative collaboration between Lenka Dusilová and Tendayi Kuumba.

Lenka Dusilová is a five time Angel award winning singer-songwriter. Her unique, original musical language is created by a fusion of electro – acoustic sounds with elements of rock and pop. Together with flawless vocal expression she is an icon of brave and innovative performance.

Tendayi Kuumba is a Brooklyn based jazz singer, dancer and actress. She is currently a touring company member of Urban Bush Women, a dancer with the Marjani Forte Dance Company and resident jazz vocalist at the Williamsburg Music Center with the Gerry Eastman Quartet.

The World Premiere of this piece takes place at Jack, a theatre complex in Brooklyn, on February 6, 8pm and February 7, 3pm. The show then moves to Washington, DC to Georgetown University’s Gonda Theatre on February 8, 8pm before moving to Palác Akropolis in Prague. 
The First Effect in the News

Collaborating artists that will feature during the year include:

The Second Effect

Jen Shyu –Multi instrumentalist (US) and Peter Zuska (Artistic Director of National ballet in Prague

The Third Effect 

Helga Davis –Singer (US) and Jiří Bartovanec -dancer & choreographer (Czech)

The Fourth Effect

Tami Stronach –dancer and choreographer (US) and Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex –multi-media artist/musician (Czech)


Prague-New York Effects link in English: http://new-york.czechcentres.cz/en/effects1/
Prague-New York Effects link in Czech: http://new-york.czechcentres.cz/cs/effects1/



Prague-New York Effects:

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