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Musicians Who Won't Be Silenced

Inspirational interviews with Czech musicians living in America in a difficult time.


Iva Bittová, Ondřej Pivec, Martina Fišerová, Matěj Číp

in conversation with Marek Milde

“Even the silence that prevails these days has astonishing intensity and is a melody of its own,” says Iva Bittová, who these days is gaining inspiration and strength in nature. At a time when both the city and concert halls have fallen silent, and as a society we are facing trials, music is becoming more significant. Music uplifts and influences the mood, and its universal ability to edify spirit and the human psyche is doubly useful during the corona crisis. Musical tones relieve sadness and solitude, rhythm inspires courage, and melody evokes joy. Many of us like to play our favorite music, and if we don't play or sing ourselves, at least we can hum along with the radio.

What are musicians themselves doing at this time? We wonder how the current situation has affected the lives of musicians, professionals. What do they do in a situation in which they can't play publicly and we can't go listen to them live? In the form of interviews, we asked Czech musicians living in New York or elsewhere in America, many of whom have performed in the Czech Center in the past, about what music means to them now. What tips do they have, not only musical, on how to bridge this period?

This time, this second series of interviews focuses on local musicians and their personal experiences during the constraints that have caused cultural life to come to a standstill, as a follow-up to our studio interviews with Czech artists living in New York, Artists That Never Give Up in the City That Never Sleeps. We look at the works of these outstanding artists and talk about the creativity and the possible role of art in the current situation, but above all, we want to share with you the message of hope that their art offers.

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Photo: archive of Iva Bittova