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An online exhibition offers an intimate snapshot of life under lockdown, from New York to Prague.



2 July 2020 / Text: Paula Erizanu


The Czech Centre New York is hosting an online group photography exhibition on life under lockdown. The Czech-American group show features six photographers whose projects all reflect on different facets of the photographer’s changed milieu during the coronavirus pandemic. 

In the images of Czech photographer Karel Cudlín, who was one of the official photographers of President Václav Havel, the empty streets in his native Prague, shot in black and white, get across the changing face of city life under lockdown. 

For American photographer Nika De Carlo, photography during lockdown became a means of introspection, an opportunity to focus on her partner. De Carlo’s images are warm and intimate, taken largely from inside her block of flats. 

“In these coronavirus-ridden times, it’s not been possible to go through with projects you’d planned in advance, so I attempted to capture the atmosphere of a suddenly crowdless Prague,” Cudlín says. “I realised just how fragile our world and civilisation are — we often feel like we are entitled to everything and that nothing can jeopardise us… The coronavirus [pandemic] has shown us that in a short amount of time, everything can completely change.”