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ENCOUNTERS WITH LOCALS: Stories & Memories from the Czech Republic

Let Megan and Scott, aka Bobo and Chichi, inspire you to plan your next vacation in the Czech Republic! They will take you on a virtual tour of the Czech Republic through images from their past travel experiences so that you can continue to learn more about the destination and meet some locals that created these very special memories.

We’ve spent months traveling through the Czech Republic experiencing the vast beauty and experiences this country as a destination has to offer including from exploring the medieval streets of Prague, road tripping from one storybook village to another, tasting our way through wine country, and more.

As magical as all the country is, the reason we love to keep coming back, is the locals who make us feel right at home as visitors.
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For us, it was love at first sight. Perhaps my family’s Czech heritage plays a role, but after visiting for the first time in 2007 solo and returning together 10 years later, then again, and again it was clear that we had more than a surface level love for the country, we feel a deep connection with the Czech Republic from our experiences and time spent here.
This is a place that has welcomed us with open arms over and over again, and when it’s time we will be backUntil then, we want to reminisce a few of fondest memories and stories we’ve gathered from our encounters with locals on our visits to the Czech Republic.

Since we are unable to visit physically, we want to show you through inspiration and stories of what makes the Czech Republic especially unique during these tough times we face together and to encourage everyone to explore their own memories from the Czech Republic whether you’re a lifelong citizen or a visitor like us.

True Czech Hospitality at Slapy Reservoir

One of our favorite ways to explore a destination is through the eyes of a local. As a regular traveler and visitor to destinations all over the world, there’s only so many places and things you can find through your own research. The truly special experiences are those shown to you through mingling and befriending the locals.



Fun Times on the South Bohemia Beer Trail

The Czech Republic is the world’s number one consumer of beer. From traditional to craft. Making it a haven for beer lovers like us. There’s no better way to enjoy some pivo than with a local on one of the most unique beer experiences and journeys you can enjoy in the world through the beer trail in South Bohemia.


Making the Best of a Rainy Day in Kroměříž

One of our fondest memories and encounters with a local was on a rainy day in the small city of Kroměříž. We were feeling guilty and panicked as we were running late to meet our local Moravian guide for the day, Mr. Urbanovsky.



Feeling Welcome Back at Kutna Hora

One of the first destinations we visited together in the Czech Republic that truly fascinated us early on in our trip and knew would be a place we’d want to return to was Kutna Hora.

Many people come just for a quick day trip from Prague to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the famous bone cathedral known as Sedlec Ossuary missing out on spending more time to get to know this gorgeous and captivating town and the rest that it has to offer including it’s incredibly warm and inviting locals.





Exploring the Fantasy World of Bohemian Switzerland

For anyone who has had the privilege to experiencing the unrivaled beauty of Bohemian Switzerland will understand comparing this place to a fantasy world.



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