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Artists That Never Give Up in the City That Never Sleeps

Inspiring interviews with Czech artists living in New York in these challenging times.



Petr Sís, Petra Valentová, Tom Kotík, Hana Shannon
in conversation with Marek Milde

In times of uncertainty, when current events connected to the outbreak of the coronavirus have brought our life to a standstill, many people are finding refuge in art. Art can provide comfort, insight, and hope. A good book, painting, or a movie can reshuffle our mind and elevate the spirit, reminding us of the power of human creativity that – regardless the circumstances – can overcome almost any obstacle. Currently, the doors of museums, galleries and theaters are closed, as is Czech Center New York, but what about the artists themselves, the creators who make culture happen, have they come to a standstill as well? Most importantly, what are the artists from the city that never sleeps doing?

Czech artists living in New York are an inherent part of the art world and the rich cultural fabric of New York City. As life in New York becomes increasingly more difficult and unusual, we have reached out to these local Czech artists, many of which in the past have performed and had exhibitions at the Czech Center, to ask them how they are doing and how the current crisis has impacted them and their community.  

We are thrilled to have received an abundance of positive responses and messages of hope, which we will share in a series of interviews. In these interviews, we are interested in opening a window into the artistic practice of these extraordinary artists – hearing about their newest projects, while talking about creativity and the possible role of art in light of the current situation.

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“Art is comfort and inspiration…
Our ancestors would draw in caves in times of uncertainty…
So can we…”  

Petr Sís with Marek Milde



“I believe there is a lot of goodness, and interesting and inspirational things around us.”  

Petra Valentová with Marek Milde



“Stay open minded to every possibility in your creative life and you'll be happy.”

Tom Kotik with Marek Milde



“I’m just taking it one day at a time… 

the time of focus, stillness and peace, I find all that in my studio.”  

Hana Shannon with Marek Milde

Read the full interview HERE