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Film Marathon in press

Review of 12 film masterpieces covering 120 years of Czechoslovak film history.

At Manhattan’s Czech Center 12 film masterpieces covering 120 years of Czechoslovak film history were presented in one day long session on March 24th in three screening facilities. The selection of these outstanding films from a country at the center of Europe’s political and cultural cross roads reflected a compelling record of the principal film makers of one of the oldest European film industries.

The Czech film industry was born during the earliest days of film making with the first local feature produced in 1896 and screened publicly in 1898 in Prague at an Architecture and Engineering Exhibition. The program included films by Jan Krizenecky, Lumiere films, and his sketches from the exhibition grounds and the streets of Prague. The first film studios in Czechoslovakia were established in 1931 transforming Prague into a leading European film production Center. From 1929 to 1999 2,488 movies were produced including films of all length.  The expertise of Czech film makers has led to numerous international films being shot or co-produced in the Czech Republic annually. The local film industry completes about 40 feature films and full-length documentaries each year.
Claus Mueller
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Claus Mueller 

Claus Mueller pursued undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Cologne, Germany, and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris, and the New School for Social Research where he received his Ph.D. in Sociology. His research interests focus on political communication, the relation between electronic media and contemporary stratification, and development issues. He has authored many articles, books and presentations, including The Politics of Communication, also in a German and Japanese edition, Third World Television Access to U.S., and, most recently, essays on "Integrating the Turkish Community: A German Dilemma", and "International Film Festival Tourism" published in the US, Germany, and Korea respectively. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on electronic media, television, and film, and has served twice as the Director of the Department's Graduate Social Research Program of which he is the current media adviser, and has been working as the New York correspondent for domestic and foreign print and electronic publications. He is the recipient of numerous grants from public and private agencies and has been awarded a French government fellowship and two Fulbrights grants. 

Apart from his academic activities Claus Mueller has been arranging screening seminars and conferences for policy and opinion makers which have included since 2001 annual Congressional Briefings and seminars at the Rayburn House Office Building and the German UN Mission on the Global Challenge of HIV/AIDS and other policy issues. He has been elected to the American Council on Germany and to the International Council of the National Television Academy and is a member of the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Relations, the Foreign Press Association, and other groups. He serves on the Board of Directors of the non-profit New York Film and Video Council and the International Film and Television Exchange.