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CZECH NEXT WAVE, Episode 1: Albert Černý, New Podcast Series

Albert Černý found fame at a young age when his first band Charlie Straight won three Czech national Anděl music awards following the release of their debut LP. The lively singer-songwriter later formed Lake Malawi; the group’s biggest moment to date was representing the Czech Republic in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, where they finished a very creditable 11th. In recent times Černý (31) has also been doing some modeling and TV work.



Length of audio 20:02

Photo: Ondřej Tomšů

In this laidback and highly entertaining chat, the musician Albert Černý discusses everything from his youth in the very east of the Czech Republic, the source of his highly convincing English accent, his plans to record in Czech for the first time, how lockdown finally allowed him and his girlfriend to spend an extended period together – and his recent discovery of the joys of Czech beer.




Czech Next Wave is produced jointly by the Czech Centres network and Radio Prague International. The podcasts series introduces listeners around the world to emerging, exciting and highly talented young Czech in various areas of the arts and beyond. The idea for the podcast series originated in the Czech Center NY. Ondřej Pivec's intro tunes for the show were also created on the basis of long-term cooperation with ČCNY.



Author: Ian Willoughby




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