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Czech Image in New York

From December 5, 2018 to January 12, 2020, the Czech Centers Gallery will house the international project CzechImage, which is organized by the Czech Centers as part of a wide range of events hosted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of statehood. The selection of nearly sixty original posters represents the work of young artists from ten different countries, including Europe and Japan. How do the today’s young generation around the world view our country? The new exhibition offers a unique point of view from abroad of the current image of Czech Republic.

The year-long project named CzechImage was introduced by the Czech part, which began in January 2018 with an exhibition of posters created by students of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art at the University of Western Bohemia in Pilsen. The task for the young authors, according to the Czech Centers’ assignment, was to express their view of our country using a graphic depiction. The students worked on their visions and ideas under professional guidance from the studio’s director, associate professor Kristýna Fišerová.

Subsequently, the same task and assignment was given by the Czech Centers to graphics students around the world. In the end, students from 10 countries participated in the project – nine European countries and Japan. Thanks to this, we can now introduce an international selection of the graphic works in the form of a conjoint exhibition of the young generation of international artists and a presentation of the catalogue of winning works. In their own manner, the authors answer the posed questions: “How to you view the Czech Republic?”, “What do you think is characteristic of our country?”, “What do you see as a unique feature of the Czech Republic?”. They then incorporated their opinions of our country which they formed over the course of their lives through perceiving culture, news from the media an direct contact with the Czech public, friends and acquaintances. In the given context, individual national rounds of the competition were also announced. Its winners will take part in a three-day residential and networking trip to Prague.

The exhibition will give space to young artists from the following countries: Spain, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Japan. 

MONIKA KOBLEROVÁ, author of the CzechImage project and Deputy Director-General of the Czech Centers, stated the following:

 “We aimed CzechImage project primarily at the young generation. Almost 400 artists from ten countries around the world were enticed to think about what Czech Republic represents to them. Therefore, the exhibitions brings a fresh and often humorous and critical view of our country through the eyes of the international young generation, which we should actively work with on our strategy of building the brand of the Czech Republic. Next year, we plan to expand to other countries in which the Czech Centers are represented, including the USA, and also to publish the results of the survey on the theme of the brand of Czech Republic, which we carried out this year abroad.”

A prominent feature of the exhibition is the diversity of the artistic concepts, in which one can recognize the joy of free play. The technically brilliant drawings from Japan, the humorous Viennese or the playful Spanish concepts leaves the viewer with no doubt that the Czech Republic has a positive reputation in the world thanks to Czech authors, inventors and artists. However, some unexpected aspects appeared among the themes, for example the complexity of the Czech language, the richness of it and in some cases the difficult pronunciation. Some works literally spur out their story to the viewer, however some contexts require deeper thought and searching for context. All in all, CzechImage has mapped young artists’ view of our country.


Organizer: Czech Centers
Director of CzechImage: Monika Koblerová, koblerova@czech.cz, tel. 234 668 211
Production Coordinator: Jitka Zámorská, zamorska@czech.cz

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Mon-Fri: 10.00–18.00
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