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Lukáš Hofmann: Skin Comes Leather

Czech performance and installation artist Lukas Hofmann presents his first US solo show titled Skin Come Leather at Art in General, in partnership with the curatorial platform Jindrich Chalupecky Society.


Hofmann’s artistic and performative practice is strongly visual, highly emotional or even obsessive, yet engaged in the second plane – touching upon the aching spots of contemporaneity, as seen through the lens of a generation that inherited this planet in a rather anxious state. His performances, where several actants usually give a breath of life to a carefully set up physical environment, create moments of both extreme tension and vulnerability, inviting audiences to share the deeply embodied feelings of anxiety as well as hope. Hofmann’s newly commissioned work consisting of video, objects, installation and extensive performance centers around the motif of skin conditions, such as eczema, itching, dry skin and others, as a multi-layered metaphor and sphere for interaction, manipulation, (self)violation, sensation, or exploitation.