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Tomski & Polanski Depict the Velvet Revolution for International Exhibit

Illustrator studio Tomski & Polanski have prepared an exhibition for the Czech National Museum and the Czech Centres commemorating 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. The unconventional exhibition - named simply "Velvet Revolution 1989" - will be on view this fall in Berlin, Vienna, New York, Paris, Brussels, Budapest, Moscow and other European and international destinations thanks to collaboration with the Czech Centres.

The Czech Centres (CC) are commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution abroad with a wide range of projects focusing on the theme of freedom and Václav Havel. Apart from the programs created in the context of the territories of the international network of the CC, exhibitions were also prepared which will appear in the programs of the CC and representational institutions of the Czech Republic abroad. A new exhibiton created in cooperation with the National Museum, titled Velvet Revolution 1989, now takes the lead.

Prominent Czech illustration studio Tomski & Polanski gave the exhibition its artistic form with their signature visual style. According to Lukáš Tomek, who represents one half of the duo, they assumed during preparation that the exhibition would be seen internationally by people who have a close relationship with the Czech Republic, but also by those who encounter the theme of the arrival of democracy and the end of the totalitarian regime in Czechoslovakia for the first time. The aim of the authors was to avoid panels full of text and period photographs and to force viewers to think.

The installation includes a video projection of famous moments of the November revolution and sound recordings of broadcasts of Radio Free Europe, reproduced from a period radio receiver. The exhibition is currently on view in Berlin, Vienna and New York, where it received a formal opening at the Bohemian National Hall in Manhattan on Wednesday, October 30th 2019.


"The Velvet Revolution 1989 exhibition is one of the pinnacles of Czech Center New York's rich program prepared for the 30th aniversary of the Velvet Revolution. It is a continuation of the exhibition project of the Arts and Theatre Institute, titled "Václav Havel: Citizen and Dramatist", and of the performance of Havel's play Audience in front of a full Ballroom. Our collaboration with the National Museum and the young artists Tomski and Polanski guarantees that the theme of the struggle for freedom in former Czechoslovakia will be concieved in an antractive fothcoming manner."

The exhibition at the Bohemian National Hall in Manhattan wil continue until January next year. As Miroslav Konvalina further states, it is intended for representatives of all generations of Americans. The dramaturgy allows space for enrichment by discussions, presentations of new publications including interviews with leading personalities of the revolution, the screening of the films Czech Student Uprisings by Olga Sommerová and the celebratory concert of the ensemble Spirituál Kvintet at the Bohemian National Hall.