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Sep 15, 2011 7:30 PM - Sep 17, 2011

2 kilos of sea

DANCE THEATER at Baryshnikov Arts Center. A site-specific work that was originally created and performed in a church courtyard


2 kilos of sea is a site-specific work that was originally created and performed in a church courtyard.
There, outdoor statues and concrete edifices created pathways and spatial limitations that shaped the context and meaning of interactions among dancers.

Now, in its theatrical premiere, 2 kilos of sea is retrofitted for the Howard Gilman Performance Space at BAC. A cement landscape backdrop echoes the church courtyard, and sacred structures are recast as raw construction site set elements, through which the stage is transformed into a world of avenues and obstacles. Here, the external drama of the stage and the inner lives of the characters overlap—a new set of boundaries leading to transient associations and fragmented narratives about the fragility of time, relationships, and expectation.

Choreography: Deganit Shemy
Dancers: Denisa Musilova, Savina Theodorou, Michael Ingle, Rebecca Warner, and Elyssa Dole.
Sound design: Jim Dawson.
Set and lighting design: Lenore Doxsee 


T.866 811 4111

Baryshnikov Arts Center                                                  
Howard Gilman Performance Space                                           450 W. 37th Street
New York, NY  10018 


Baryshnikov Arts Center, Howard Gilman Performance Space, 450 W. 37th Street, New York, NY 10018


From: Sep 15, 2011 7:30 PM
To: Sep 17, 2011


Baryshnikov Arts Center

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