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Jan 10, 2014 12:00 AM - Jan 14, 2014 12:00 AM

APAP 2014

For the fourth year, the Czech Center New York present Czech theaters, music and dance ensembles at APAP 2014 in New York. January 10-14, 2014, New York Hilton Midtown. Special showcases will be at the Bohemian National Hall on Saturday, January 11.

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What is APAP?
The Association of Performing Arts Presenters is the national service, advocacy and professional organization for presenters of the performing arts. APAP is dedicated to developing and supporting a robust performing arts industry and the professionals who work within it.

What does APAP do?
In addition to the annual APAP|NYC conference - the world's leading convening for the performing arts (January 10-14, 2014) - APAP is the industry's leading community for networking and knowledge. APAP strengthens and advances your career and the field through professional development, resource sharing, advocacy and civic engagement.

Who joins APAP?
Our more than 5,000 national and international members come from:

  • performing arts centers
  • arts venues
  • university and municipal performance facilities
  • artist agencies and management companies
  • touring companies
  • consulting practices
  • vendors
  • self-presenting artists

More info: http://www.apap365.org



Puppet theater for all ages - the best Czech puppet performance in 2012   

Budulinek, a classic Czech fairytale passed through generations, about a disobedient little boy who against his grandparents’ instructions leaves the door open and allows a crafty fox to slip in. This fresh production, enhanced by some innovative motifs, has been called humorous, rich in ideas, and full of humor.  www.naivnidivadlo.cz 



Each show will take approx. 20 min. with short break in between.


Experimental  physical theater

Is our last word before death really our last word? Jan Seda
This international collaboration bordering documentary and fiction is an inquiry into the lives of people over 50. The title Edge symbolizes the transition time between active life and seemingly passive old age, and explores a range of taboos connected to aging, transformation of sexuality, body image and loneliness. www.altart.cz


Contemporary interdisciplinary dance

Spontaneous and crazy performance exploring the theme of manipulation.  Devoted dancers are “just” fulfilling absurd and impossible tasks making them exhausted with every new command and passive in their personal choices. Selected for the European “Priority Companies List 2013”. www.me-sa.cz 


Contemporary  dance

Award-winning dance performance exploring the problems faced by disabled people in everyday life.
Four dancers, two of them handicapped, are trying to resolve a small part of the unexpectedly wide range of problems  which disabled people face in an effort to lead a “normal” life.
Live music by acoustic-electric duo DVA


Classical Theater

Award-winning theatrical performance
.  Two interwoven true stories of Czech Jews, an athlete and an actress, born in Prague, who survived the most unimaginable indignities.  The story of their courage and determination will take you on an unforgettable and heartwarming journey.
www.goodandtrue.co.uk; www.svandovodivadlo.cz


Contemporary experimental classical music
by Czech composers: Michaela Plachka - Mountains, Meadows, Cows / Tomas Palka - Simple Silence / Ondrej Stochl - Notturno Fragile. www.konvergence.org


The conference is at New York Hilton Midtown.


AltArt - Petra Tejnorová and collective: EDGE
Is our last word before death really our last word? Jan Sedal
Edge symbolizes the transition time between active life and seemingly passive old age. Edge opens
a range of tabooized themes connected with aging, transformation of sexuality, body image, and loneliness.

An theatrical shape on the border of documentary and fiction, which moves between various means of expression and languages.

This international collaboratively devised performance is an inquiry into the lives of people more than
50 years old who have worked in varied theater and dance settings. In the main roles are people who find themselves to be “everyday experts” - oldagers who have their own opinions and experiences.

Direction: Petra Tejnorová / Dramaturgy: Lukáš Jiřička / Concept, choreography: Lucia Kašiarová / Live Music: Tomáš Vtípil
Participants: Beatrice Cordua ( DE), Ján Sedal (CZ), Mária Zagátová (SK),  Martin Bálik (SK), Krzysztof Raczkowski ( PL,DE), Ildikó Móger (HU), Alois Bílek ( CZ )
Production: ALT@RT
Co-production: Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, L1 association, Brott Fabrik Bonn, Sztruks, New Stage of National Theater Prague
Supported by: Ministry of culture Slovak Republic, Ministry of culture Slovak Republic, International Visegrad Fund, Capital city of Prague, Czech Centrum Budapesť, Czech Centrum Bratislava

ME-SA: Much More Than Nothing
Spontaneous and crazy is the performance Much More Than Nothing that explores the theme of manipulation. No matter how engaged and devoted, dancers “just” fulfill the impossible by 150%! Fulfilling absurd and impossible tasks makes them passive in their personal choices, moreover, it makes them exhausted with every new command. The show was selected the European “Priority Companies List 2013”.

VerTeDance: Simulante Bande
This award-winning dance piece explores original ways of expression through movement based on the cooperation of a healthy and a physically disabled person. Accompanied by the live music of the duo DVA, two healthy and two disabled performers treat at least a small part of the unexpectedly wide range of problems which disabled people face every day in an effort to lead a “normal” life.

ME-SA during the five-year existence has successfully established itself on the professional dance scene, regularly participates in major festivals in the Czech Republic (Tanec Praha etc.) and attracts the interest of the international professional community (nomination for the Dance Piece of the Year in 2012, 2013 and Dancer of the Year in 2011 and 2012). ME-SA is in 2013 selected for "Priority Companies List', announced by the network Aerowaves that associates 40 European experts.

The dance group VerTeDance has been acting on the Czech dance scene since 2004. The members are Veronika Kotlíková and Tereza Ondrová (awarded by the prize The Dancer of the Year 2010), dancers, choreographers, and pedagogues, and Pavel Kotlík, a light designer and technical director of the Ponec theatre. By 2013, they have created 17 projects and got different awards. VerTeDance is the only Czech dance group to be twice awarded by the most prestigious award in the field of contemporary dance – the Dance Piece of the Year prize. They won it in 2005 for The Silent Talk-Unpredictable Course and in June 2012 for What Is The Weight Of Your Desire?

Naive Theatre Liberec
The Naive Theatre Liberec has been anchored in the minds of the audience as well as professionals for sixty five years as a Czech puppet theatre of an excellent quality!

The Naive Theatre Liberec is a municipal puppet theatre, represented by an artistically mature group of actors and an interesting board made up of guest directors who continuously search for new performance techniques. Among them the director Tomáš Dvořák – along with home authors Iva Peřinová and later on Vit Peřina – is one of the most frequent and most successful. Young artists are also given an opportunity to make their first creative experiments. New productions are created with or without puppets or with the use of masks or brand costumes. The Naive Theatre performs at international festivals all over the world.

The Naive Theatre Liberec organizes the Mateřinka international  Festival, focusing on puppet performances for pre-school age children. The Mateřinka Festival has a 40-year-long tradition and is held as a biennale in the City of Liberec. It is well-known and  appreciated for its quality in the whole puppetry world. Next edition – June 2015.

Naive Theatre Liberec Vít Peřina: Budulinek (the bad boy)
A story about listening
Once upon a time there was a little boy. His name was Budulinek. Sad to say, he had no parents, and so he stayed with his grandpa and grandma. And they had really tough times with him, for he never ever listened to them at all!

No wonder he once got into a pretty pickle, as he let in, despite all warnings he must keep the door locked, a perfidious fox. And as the opportunity knocked, the fox snatched Budulinek and hurried back to her den. Who knows what might happen if grandpa and grandma, along with their neighbour gamekeeper, hadn´t set out for a rescue operation!

The authors of this appealing studio performance followed the story line of a well-known folk tale, enriching it with a great deal of original, innovative motives. The issue of listening concerns not only the little naughty boy´s behaviour and hypersensitive ears of the vicious fox, but also Budulinek´s grandparents whose hearing is lamentably poor. Why it is so and what this all resulted in will be unfold in a charming performance loaded with witty gags, lively live music and puppet show titbits.

Direction: Michaela Homolová
Stage setting: Robert Smolík
Music: Filip Homola
Cast: Míša Homolová and Filip Homola

Svandovo Theatre:
From authentic testimonies compiled by Tomáš Hrbek, Lucie Kolouchová, Daniel Hrbek and Brian Daniels.
A remarkable piece of verbatim theatre, ´The Good and the True´weaves the true testimonies of two extraordinary people. Athlete Milos Dobry and actress Hana Pravda spent their working lives building suspense, knocking crowds into submission and drawing gasps from their onlookers. Both survived Auschwitz and witnessed murder at first hand. Did they both have exceptional strength of character and a will of iron or was their survival just ´good luck´.

This is the story of two people who went through the same places and experienced similar tragedies – and yet they never met. The paths of their lives crossed each other, but also passed each other by. Athlete Miloš Dobrý and actress Hana Pravda spent their working lives building suspense, knocking crowds into submission and drawing gasps from onlookers. Both survived Auschwitz and were first-hand witnesses to murder. Did they possess exceptional strength of character and an iron will, or was their survival just “good luck”?.  A remarkable piece of verbatim theatre, The Good and the True weaves the true testimonies of two extraordinary people into an English-language adaptation of the award-winning Shoah, directed by Daniel Hrbek for Prague’s Švandovo Theatre. Actress Isobel Pravda is the granddaughter of survivor Hana Pravda; she plays her grandmother for the first time on stage. Actor Saul Reichlin is an award-winning actor whose own one-man play Sholom Aleichem has been performed in the West End, on Broadway and in most major European countries.

Supported by Czech Centre London, the Czech Ambassador and the Embassy of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, and the City of Prague. Thanks to Alex Pravda and his family, Miloš Dobrý and his family, Tomáš Hrbek, and the Olomouc Jewish Community.

Director, Set Designer, Music Choice: Daniel Hrbek
Dramaturgy: Lucie Kolouchová and Brian Daniels

Svandovo Theatre
Svandovo Theatre is one of the oldest drama theatres in Prague. It´s focused on contemporary plays and also on the bold adaptation of classics. Besides its own repertoire Svandovo Theatre also offers a wide range of supporting events such as concerts, talk shows, independent theatre group productions, stage readings, public workshops and  productions for children, which per year comes to more than 450 events. The politician Vaclav Havel, musician Lou Reed, writer Robert Fulghum, singer Suzanne Vega, actress Annie Girardot, actor Dennis Lavant, photographer Oliviero Toscani, cameraman Miroslav Ondricek, costume designer Theodor Pistek and artist Klaus Voorman have appeared as guests of Svandovo Theatre in recent years. Almost all productions of Svandovo are accompanied by English subtitles. Svandovo Theatre has been succesfully represented at theatrical festivals in Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. It was also awarded the prestigious Alfred Radok´ award for its dramaturgy.

National Theatre, Czech Republic, Prague
The National Theatre is the Czech Republic’s representative stage. It is one of the symbols of Czech national identity and a part of the European cultural arena. It is a bearer of national cultural heritage and at the same time an arena for free artistic creativity. The theatre is a living artistic organisation which understands tradition as imposing a task and duty to find constantly new interpretation and an endeavour to achieve the highest artistic quality.

Today’s National Theatre comprises four artistic ensembles – opera, drama, ballet and Laterna Magika 
– which alternate in performances in the historic building of the National Theatre, the Estates Theatre, the New Stage, the States Opera and the Kolowrat Theatre. All artistic ensembles choose their repertoire not only from the wealth of classical references, but in addition to Czech authors also focus on modern international creative work.

About the National Theatre Drama ensemble
The National Theatre Drama ensemble is made up of more than fifty leading Czech actors who are its permanent members. The ensemble is headed by its Artistic Director, the stage director Michal Dočekal, with his four-member team of dramaturges. The National Theatre Drama performs its productions on four stages the National Theatre has available: the historical buildings of the National Theatre (with the capacity of 1,000 spectators) and the Estates Theatre (660 spectators), the chamber Kolowrat Theatre (80 spectators) and the New Stage (400 spectators).The National Theatre is a repertory theatre.

The repertoire includes classical pieces of the theatre, modern classics, and also contemporary plays. We stage world and Czech premieres, as well as innovative interpretations of world famous drama. The repertoire includes for example Chekov´s Uncle Vanya and The Seagull; Elfriede Jelinek´s What Happened When Nora Left Her Husband (toured to Russia, Columbia, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.), Beckett´s Waiting For Godot (toured to Russia, Rumania, etc.); Havel´s Garden Party (toured to Slovakia).






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From: Jan 10, 2014 12:00 AM
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