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Mar 29, 2019 - Apr 25, 2019

Bohemian Cristal Instrument - American Tour

Lenka Morávková with her Bohemian Cristal Instrument are going on a US tour, starting Friday, March 29.



You can come to experience Lenka's solo show to some very special places - a night acoustic outdoor concert in the desert at Incantations 2019, workshop for kids and a concert during The Earth Day in San Diego, two shows in San Francisco in a chapel for sound healing community, sound immersive festival in Austin and the new, exclusive partnership with Atlas Obscura producing a unique concert experience at lovely, historic Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles, known for a long history for female travellers and businesswomen getting together.  

Lenka Morávková takes you on a multi-sensory journey with a one-of-a-kind glass sculpture, the Bohemian Cristal Instrument (après Cristal Baschet). The Czech sonic explorer processes the acoustic properties of the crystal along with her voice, to create ethereal immersive soundscapes and hypnotic ambient pulses. Following a TEDx talk in California, and the release of the debut EP UNICODE in June 2018, BCI’s  unique ceremony with a full band and mesmerizing light show immerses you in a world where tradition and futurism become one.


Show dates:

March 29 - Incantations, Twentynine Palms

April 12 - The Globe Institute,  San Francisco

April 14 - The Convent Arts Collective, San Francisco

April 20 - The Earth Day,  Dojo Cafe, San Diego

April 21 - Atlas Obscura,  Los Angeles

April 25 - Gorinto, Austin


More information on Bohemian Cristal Instrument official website.


From: Mar 29, 2019
To: Apr 25, 2019


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