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Jun 7, 2012 7:00 PM

FAMU Media Works

FILM SCREENING . Presentations of students of the Center of Audio-visual Studies at FAMU (Academy of Performing Arts in Prague).

CAS / FAMU, Prague and the Czech Center New York presents 10 young artist's media work

FAMU's Center for Audio Visual Studies (CAS),
Prague's pre-eminent contemporary art school focussed on the moving image presents ten young artists, in person, presenting their own works in a 90 minute projection program. Code based video, multi-channel installation documentation, experimental film, radical documentary, sound art, public interventions and more. See what's happening in the Czech Republic's burgeoning young art scene.

Presented by Department Chair Eric Rosenzveig
and artists: Stanislav Abraham, Katerina Bilkova, Max Dvorak, Akile Nazli Kaya, Dalibor Knapp, Dana Machajova, Alex Moralesova, Krystof Pesek, David Smitmajer, Matej Strnad.

for more information:

Stanislav Abrahám,
1977, 1st year Master's student, http://www.stanislav-abraham.com
Audiovisual performer, sound artist and musician, crossing over from pure sound art to more conceptual works.
I'm not looking at you. You're looking at me. (The Economy of Attention) - 2min. 2011 - video documentation of online video.

Kateřina Bílková, 1988, 3rd year student Bachelor's student, http://cas.famu.cz/?s=5
I deal with remediation; film, paper, video, theatre. 
Outer scan - documentation of live av performance with scanner. 7 min.

Max Dvorak, 1990, 2nd year Bachelor's student, http://cas.famu.cz/?s=27
Working in the fields of manipulated motion picture and electronic music.

Akile Nazli Kaya, 1980, 2nd year Master’s student, www.vimeo.com/nkaya
Turkish Graphic Designer/Director/Animator creating short films focusing on immigration, personal freedom and food security.
The People Who Try To Save The World, docu-animation, video, 2012
6 min. excerpt from 28 min. film, recent winner 1st prize short film Green Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea 2012

Dalibor Knapp, 1985, 2nd year Bachelor's student, daliborknapp.com
Cultural theorist dealing with Audiovisuality.
Aplaus - 2011, video / performance, 4:47

Dana Machajova, 1986, 1st year Master's student, http://cas.famu.cz/?s=2
Visual artist working in video, video installation and photography. Most of my works are visual or theoretical studies of symmetry, ballance and fluidity of structures.
Reunion (3min); Equilibrium (3min)

Alexandra Moralesová, 1989, 1st year Master's student, http://vimeo.com/user1136736
  Visual artist. Her interest is in film footage she uses in live performance – the remediation of existing material (8mm film, photography, diary and correspondence) and de/construction through various ways of viewing.
Vlasy, 2011 

Krystof Pesek, Final year Master's student, http://lab19.dyndns.org
Working with open source tools (primarily Processing) to produce generative visuals focussed on particular issues related to computers, perception, art and society. 
Perfect Illusion of Motion, 3:40, 2011; Collapsing Complexity, 2:00, 2010; Neural Caravan, 5:20, 2012

David Šmitmajer 1986, 1st year Master's student, www.ha2k.com
Runs the noise music cassette label ASCARID.
Holubi - video documentation object. 55 sec.
Duster- home video 2 min. 25 sec.

Matěj Strnad, 1989, 3rd year Bachelor's student
Freelance writer and consultant in the field of media-art preservation.
Der Absolute Richter, 2009, study in an absolute, digital approach towards film restoration.


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Jun 7, 2012 7:00 PM


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