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Aug 7, 2020 - Aug 16, 2020

Contemporary Czech Animation: The Best of FAMU

Czech Centers, in cooperation with selected universities and film festivals, present a special program of animated film collections, which pay tribute to contemporary Czech animation. Animation has always belonged to the family silver of Czech(oslovak) cinematography and it still occupies this position, as evidenced by the international attention and awards which contemporary animated works receive. Let us also remind you that this year we will be celebrating 120 years since the birth of Hermína Týrlová, who was at the birth of Czechoslovakian animated film.

August 7 - August 16, 2020
FAMU - Department of Animated Film   

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As requested by the filmmakers, the password needed to view the selection of films will only be provided to CCNY newsletter subscribers due to copyright compliance.



The Best of FAMU - Department of Animated Film for Czech Centres 
Alexandra Hroncová, curator (FAMU)

The Department of Animated Film (“KAT" from czech - Katedra animované tvorby) works on the principal aesthetic assumption that animated film is indeed one of the types of dramatic art. The cornerstone of their students’ work is a short animated film – a specific film art format and a starting point for other types and forms of animation. They teach their students to make sure that their films communicate to viewers, emphasising the mastery of animation and the aesthetic value of their work.

The KAT teaching system is built on the principle of electivity, applying to both technical and theoretical subjects. 

KAT’s goal is to educate animated film directors who are personalities with an artistic vision and hands-on skills – filmmakers with a sense of film and aesthetics, educated and well-rounded.

KAT will turn 30 next year. We would like to proudly present to you a selection of the students’ works. KAT’s graduates often quite successfuly continue working in the field of animation and it will present their current views and experiences of applying what they learned at school in praxis. The selection will also show the energy and attitude of our students.

Animation is life! Animation is joy! VIVA LA ANIMAZIONE!

THE BEST OF SET (85 min)

2019 / Bloody Fairy Tales / 7: 38 min
Tereza Kovandová
Five classical fairy tales, recreated in an unreasonably violent way. Red riding hood, Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. Those and two more famous stories twisted into one minute episodes filled with dark humor, cynicism, and also a bit of modernization. Unpredictable storylines, love, sex, drugs and lack of happy ends. Fairy tales for the new millennium.

1996 / Mashkin Killed Koshkin / 4:30 min
Aurel Klimt
A look at the essence of the "Russian" soul. 

2007 / Horrible Coincidences / 8:10 min
Libor Pixa
Kamil’s very last morning.   

2009 / A Tear Is Needed / 18:45 min
Kristina Dufková  
Girl Miroslava goes with her parents to the cemetery. In unguarded moment she leaves and unfortunately appears among skeletons and living dead. In spite of the horrific topic, the film is positive and full of optimism, so that Miroslava gets back to the world of living. How? Let yourself surprise.

2013 / Pandas / 11:28 min
Matús Vizár
After millions of generations they have a good chance of becoming another extinct species. But one day, an all too active primate called the human being found them and they became a pawn in man's game.

2015 / The More I Know / 7:35 min
Marek Náprstek
A weary old man wants to share the story of his life before he dies. We start with his childhood memories and watch him grow up as he is presented with different enigmas life has to offer.

2016 / The Shadow over Prague / 13:19 min
Marek Berger
The phantom avenger with spring-heeled shoes jumps above the streets of Prague and fights the occupants. He has to stop the Nazis from waking up the Golem - a dreadful artificial being from The Old Jewish Town. Czech variation on classic superheroes.

2015 / Happy End / 5:42 min
Jan Saska
A black comedy about death with a happy ending. A splendid chain of unlikely encounters. Hunters, a tractor driver, a disco boy, and a corpse.


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