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Dec 5, 2019 7:00 PM


The Czech Republic through the eyes of young artists.

December 5, 7PM in the Gallery

We are delighted to introduce the internationally acclaimed traveling exhibition and catalogue Czech Image through a discussion and presentation with the Deputy Director-General of the Czech Centres, Monika Koblerová.

The special evening will also include a live set by DJ Alyaz and refreshments.

Czech Center New York presents a project Czech Image, initiated by the Czech Centres as part of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Czechoslovakia. The topic was first introduced in January 2018 when students of Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Art and Design have been asked to reflect on their homeland. Afterwards, the project expanded to include young people from all over the world.

At the beginning of a vast project named Czech Image there was an exhibition of works made by students of design and art from the University of West Bohemia (Czech Image I, Gallery of the Czech Centres, January 2018). Young authors were asked to depict their own views of our country. Subsequently, foreign students were also approached with the same call (taking part in the Czech Image project) and assignment (to graphically depict their own views of the Czech Republic). 

Through the mediation of directors of Czech centres abroad the cooperation was successfully established in 10 foreign countries – nine European countries and also in remote Japan, country that is very forthcoming to the Czech Republic. Thanks to that, in December 2018 a loose continuation of the project – Czech Image II – was introduced in the Gallery of the Czech Centres in the form of a joint exhibition of young generation of foreign artists. With their distinctive interpretations these authors answered following assignment based questions: “How do you perceive the Czech Republic?”, “According to your opinion, what is the most characteristic of our country?”, “In what do you see the uniqueness of the Czech Republic?”. This way they incorporated their opinions of the Czech Republic into their works. Opinions that they´ve established during their lives through the perception of culture, news from media or from a direct contact with Czech public, friends, or acquaintances. In the given context, within the bounds of national rounds, a competition was also announced, winners of which attended a three-day residential stay in Prague.

“... In summary, the Czech Image can certainly serve as a role model for a well thought through, perfectly conducted and organized international art events. My heartfelt thanks to all which were involved in this, it has left a lasting impression!”

 Bernhard Cociancig, Austria 

„For me, Czechia is a small country with a big heart. I do not know it simply by hearsay as I have been studying in the Czech centre in Charkov where I´ve got to know my lectors well. It is impossible not to befriend people who also like Ukraine. And the choice of topic for the poster was not a hard one for me, because I wear contact lenses and therefore, the memorial of Otto Wichterle, to whom I owe for them, suggested itself“ 

Nasťa Filipenko, Ukraine
“… Czech Image project allowed us to observe the Czech Republic through free and creative perspective and introduce it by means of artistic work, which allowed for the mutual discussion between our neighbouring countries. Our different experiences and ways of life drew a view of the Czech Republic that conceals in itself almost all levels of perception: romantic one, critic one or cliché. ”

Ula Schneider, Kunstschule Wien, Austria



Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd Street
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Dec 5, 2019 7:00 PM


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