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Oct 12, 2014 3:00 PM

Endele Vendele

Interactive theater performance for all ages by Theater Viola as part of their U.S. tour. Featuring classical poems, songs and fairy tales from Czech literature. Directed by Pavel Jurkovic. In Czech only.

Fairy-tales and counting rhymes,
riddles, nursery rhymes and songs,
mostly folk tunes.

A dinky little hat, one little foot,
Nicely it sat, in a moss in the wood.
A guest came to us and repaired the bridge,
No chisel, no axe, he still fixed it well.

There's a secret behind these verses. He who looks well finds a bolete in the first riddle and the frost in the second one. A nice riddle is like a poetic comparison or a metaphor, as the poets say. Those who can crack the riddles can also understand all the poems.

A Fly fell in brook and broke its knee,
Whole month took the Fly for pain to weep.
A Kitty lost shoes when she went dancing.
The Tomcat found them and started coughing.

And these are two nursery rhymes. When said in rhythm, we're half-way to a song. When we add the tones, we get a song out of them, just like I did with the rhyme about the kitty. Kids can do that too, with their "kid talk" when they create words and add their own melody and dance. Try and sing with us the songs you know well and the repeated refrains at the ends of the 1st and 2nd halves.

The grandad planted a beet: it grow enormously big. The grandad wanted to pull it from earth: he pulls and pulls, but can't pull it out...

And there we are, in the fairy-tale again, where the grandad calls for help the kids and you as well. There will also be a fairy-tale about the Little John, the Wolf, the Ram and the Mare, the Not-so-good Goat, the Piggy with a red ribbon and a golden little bell, and finally the well-known fairy tale about the young rooster and the the young hen, where you can act yourself and help the hen safe the rooster. This performance was created thirty years ago by Alena Skálová and Pavel Jurkovič, the scene like the one we see today was arranged and beautifully crafted by Helena Pěkná. The scene has for the last eighteen seasons been adorned by the acting, dance and singing of Milena Steinmasslová, Alfred Strejček and Pavel Jurkovič, while after a 10-year pause it was taken up by Radka Tesárková, Josef Hervert and Martin Rudovský, all lead by Pavel Jurkovič, who thirty years on has the same dream for the children, mum and dad or the grandparents to play such a theatre at home just for fun or their friends, and he wishes the performance to be a sort of recipe for a way to play. It is my contention that in this form the folk art resonates with today's children and adults who accompany their children and experience all the rhymes, riddles, songs and fairy-tales with them, just as it should be. I wish you a celebratory and a great time!

Yours truly,

Pavel Jurkovič


321 East 73rd Street
NY 10021 New York
United States


Oct 12, 2014 3:00 PM


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