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May 18, 2020 - May 24, 2020

Czech That Film: On the Roof

For the week of May 18 - 24, in cooperation with VOD platform Dafilms, we are streaming ON THE ROOF (Na střeše), which garnered seven Czech Lion nominations, the country's top honors, in such categories as best film, screenplay, and director. The film reveals a moving story of friendship in an unlikely pair.

On the Roof
May 18 - May 24


Director: Jiří Mádl, 2019, 97 min, Czech Republic.

Professor Rypar will provide temporary refuge to Song, a young Vietnamese who he found hidden on the roof of his house. But can two different people share one space at all, so that it is not a disaster? Will their insolent plan help? The coexistence of a hostile man, angry at the world, which is running out of him, and a young man seeking a way out of a desperate situation in an unfamiliar city brings many friction areas, tragicomic situations, but also surprising ideas and solutions. In fact, each of us needs to be needed by someone. And Song, besides warm clothes and a roof above his head, needs someone to trust him. Is it possible to trust an unknown boy? Professor Rypar will try to do so even at the cost of compromising his principles here and there and his roof expanding a little. But can Song really return that trust? 

On the Roof is the second feature film directed by Jiří Mádl, who successfully alternates his positions in front of and behind the camera in his career. In recent years, he has been one of the most sought-after Czech actors, but his start in directing has also met with success. He won the RWE Award for Discovery of the Year at the Czech Film Critics Awards 2015 for his debut Pojedeme k moři, which was seen by cinemas by over 100,000 viewers.

After the unexpected success of Karel Janák's Snowboarďáci (Snowboarders), actor Jiří Mádl (b. 1986, České Budějovice) drove a wave of humor for a while, appearing in three comedies in 2006: Jak se krotí krokodýliRafťáci and Ro (c) k podvraťáků, again from Karel Janák. However, he soon became the youngest ever winner of the Crystal Globe for Best Actor at the Karlovy Vary IFF for his role in the drama of Michaela Pavlátová Děti noci (2008). At the age of 27, he wrote and directed his first feature film Pojedeme k moři.



About Czech That Film

The annual Czech film festival titled “Czech That Film” has been established in 2012. Currently, it is the largest Czech cultural event in the United States. It is a film festival of best recent Czech films held throughout the United States every year, with a range of screenings and discussion with cast and crew. The four-month-long festival keeps growing every year. Its ninth edition will reach more than 20 cities in 2020.

The event was established to accommodate increased interest in Czech cinema and culture in the United States and is dedicated to raising profile of current Czech films at an international level. It provides an opportunity for American enthusiasts of global cinema to experience successful new Czech films. Members of American Film Academy and Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and other significant representatives of the film business are regularly among the growing audience each year. Prominent local community leaders, journalists, American businessmen, representatives of the diplomatic corps, members of Czech and Slovak communities, students, and university faculty members were also in attendance in previous years.

Special events traditionally complement the festival in each city, such as opening and closing night receptions and Q&A sessions with well-established Czech directors. In previous editions, attendees had an opportunity to personally meet for example the Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel, the well-known Czech director Jan Hřebejk, nominated with his feature “Divided We Fall” for the Oscar Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2000, and director David Ondříček, who was listed by Variety magazine as one of the Top 10 Directors to Watch. In addition, contemporary directors Andrea Sedláčková (“Fair Play”), Jiří Mádl (“To See The Sea”), and recipients of the Czech Lion Awards for Best Films Radim Špaček (“Walking Too Fast”), and Zdeněk Jiráský (“Flower Buds”) were also among official guests of the festival.

Organizers: Czech Centres & Ministry of Foreigh Affairs of the Czech Republic

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From: May 18, 2020
To: May 24, 2020


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