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Jun 21, 2016 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Little Man is a live-action surreal puppet movie for all ages. Director: Radek Beran, 2015, 83 min.


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Little Man is a live-action surreal puppet movie for all ages. Director: Radek Beran, 2015, 83 min.

This highly inventive new film “The Little Man” is filled with incredibly imaginatively-designed characters employing surreal storytelling techniques. It is not technically an animated film but rather a live-action puppet movie brought to life through the use of marionettes controlled off-screen by skilled puppeteers but this is never a distraction. There are only a handful of films that have ever employed this technique the 2004 Danish production Strings, Team America: World Police, and the two Thunderbirds feature films from the 60s. 

Our story centers on Malý Pán, our little man who lives alone in his house in the woods where he only ever sees a travelling fireworks salesman and a friendly postman. But then he has a vivid, mysterious dream suggesting that there is something missing in his life. So, he has no choice but to go on a life adventure to discover the meaning of his dream. He meets a giant stone head who needs some special sparkling water. To get the water, he needs to defeat a witch  but to defeat the witch, he needs to get a book; to read the book, he needs a special pair of glasses; to repair the glasses, he needs to go to a mechanic, who needs… 

And it goes on and on like that at a fever pace, introducing wonderful new characters every few minutes like the tiny repairman who lives inside a robot’s head and a pickle farmer who grows his crop using fertile questions. Yes, the pickles grow from questions that the farmer types up on punch cards and plants in the soil.

The film was scripted by Lumír Tuček, adapting the children’s book “Velká cesta Malého pána” by Jiří Stach and Lenka Uhlířová.

While there are evil characters here – and, warning to parents, they are dealt with in a vaguely disturbing manner that you wouldn’t see in a typical children’s film – most of those who Malý Pán comes across are kind and helpful

Marionettes have a long history in the Czech Republic, and you see them everywhere in the tourist shops that litter the streets of central Prague. The memorable music throughout the film was provided by Milan Cais. While almost entirely puppeteered, there’s also some sparse use of paper-drawn animation and CGI visual effects in certain scenes.

This film has been lovingly crafted and beautifully shot on miniature sets.




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Jun 21, 2016 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM


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