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Sep 11, 2015 8:30 PM

Jiří Bartovanec: ENTROPY #119

Part of the Moving Sound Festival in collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum. Dancer Jiří Bartovanec in his choreography searches spatial possibilities of his own path. Followed by Q&A with the performer and dancer critic Nina Vangeli.


As part of the kick-off of this year's Moving Sounds Festival - Liquid Architecture / Frozen Music, Czech choreographer and dancer Jiří Bartovanec presents and performs his newest solo piece-Entropy # 119. The performance will be held on the rooftop of the Bohemian National Hall and will be followed by a discussion.

It is a spatial search for its own way. Space like a cage, in which the terms of the game on their possibilities and their perseverance in a segregated and still full and densely foggy world. As a Hedgehog in a cage through his own manipulation of breaking out of the bars. Sometimes it's a sound, sometimes light and sometimes confession itself. Where the fiction and reality is not essential but when it opens the gate of our own self, and when it closes? There are many moments that deceive with their appearance.


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Jiří Bartovanec was born in 1983 in Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic. With seven years he was a member of the folk dance ensembles Stazka in Tepla. From 1994 to 1997 he studied at the ballet school of J. Dolecek in Karlovy Vary and from 1998 at the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague. In Berlin he worked with Farhad Payar and Yasmine Kalifa  "Jack & Harun,"with the cie. Toula Limnaios "irrsinn". In 2004 he danced in "Mindgarden" by Jochen Roller and in the duet "Tancredi e Clorinda combattimento di" by Mirella Weingarten and in her dance film "Circulatura". Since 2003 he is working with Sasha Waltz. In 2007 he became ensemble member of the Company. He dances in "noBody", "insideout", "Dido & Aeneas", "Medea", "Jagden und Formen", "Continu", "Matsukaze" and also in many other "dialogues" projects. In 2011 he collaborated with Beate Borrmann on the Costumes for "Gefaltet" by Sasha Waltz. He danced in "Human Writes" by William Forshyte. In November 2007 he took part in the project "Mayim Mayim" of the Stadt Theatre Nuremberg / Fürth. As part of the program series "Choreographers of the Future" by Sasha Waltz & Guests Jiří developed in 2008 his first solo "When my mind is rocking I know it's 7" which had premiere in Radial System V Berlin and later international touring. The solo was in 2009 nominated for Czech Dance Award "Cena Sazky". His second solo choreography "Aneho" had Premiere in January 2010 in Stadt Theater Ludwigshafen. The documentary Films "Africke Koreny-Ceske tanceni" and "Kodjo" directed by Nenad Djapic and Pavla Frydlova about his search for African roots appeared in 2010 and 2012 on behalf of Czech Television. He also appeared 2012 in dance project of Sasha Waltz "Music Dance - Carmen" as part of the educational program of the Berlin Philharmonic at the choreographic and pedagogical implementation of this dance project with over 100 pupils.
Jiří Bartovanec also dances in "Sacre" and "L'Apres-midi d'un faune" the two newest choreographies by Sasha Waltz where he also took a place as a Rehearsal director. In 2014 he developed his choreography GLOBE which has now been nominated for Czech Dance Platform Prague. In 2014 he gave several workshops in Germany as "Ausser mir" in collaboration with Sophiensälle and in South Korea with cooperation with the ice. MAMAJEANGKIM Company he has directed "Find your Own" project. He is currently working with Spitfire Company (CZ) in their newest piece Sniper's Lake and prepares several separate projects for New York, Berlin, Seoul and Prague. This Year he teaches at Duncan Centre Conservatory Prague and in dance school of MAMAJEANGKIM in Seoul. In July he had made a site specific Project Raumausloten in Psychiatric Clinic Charite of Berlin. He has started a collaboration with czech physical theater group Tantehorse where he is making a new choreography for the newest piece White Room. At the same time preparing his new Solo work Entropy # which will be presented by Czech Center New York in September this year.


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Sep 11, 2015 8:30 PM


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