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Feb 22, 2011 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Stone Bridge

FILM CLUB - PRAGUE The Stone Bridge (Kamenný most), directed by Tomas Vorel, 1996, 98 min, in Czech with English subtitles. Admission Free.

In Tomáš Vorel's absurd comedy the director bears autobiographical witness to a movie maker's mid-career crisis, and likewise offers a convincing portrait of the spirit of the times: Prague in the mid nineties. An ancient and mystical bridge serves as the focal point around which bizarre figures gather and intervene in the central character's life as he once again seeks inspiration.

This film is screened instead of the FERRARI DINO GIRL due to technical reasons. We apologize for any inconvenience.

About Tomas Vorel

Tomáš Vorel began studies in direction at Prague’s Film Academy (FAMU) after studying engineering at the Czech University of Technology (ČVUT). He shot his first films as an amateur (My Láďa, Punch, Law of the Samurai, Swift Arrows), then gained a reputation for exceptional talent at FAMU for his student films: A Garbage Man’s Life (1983), I Want You (1984, aired on TV), The Gift (1989, TV), Ing. (1985), and Chemical (1986). On the majority of these films he worked with his colleagues from Sklep Theater. He helped establish Sklep as an actor and co-playwright (Party, Musical, Chemical, Grays) and also made Sklep videos (Either Yes, The Rod Sleeps, Just Right). He is an actor member of the Mimoza pantomime troupe as well. Tomáš Vorel was one of the initiators of Prague’s Akropolis Theater and the outdoor Summer Cinema on Prague’s Střelecký Island.

His feature debut came with the story showcase The Prague Five (Pražská pětka, 1988), in which he portrayed the character of the mischievous imp in the segment “A Trip to Karlštejn.” Considered one of the best Czech films, The Prague Five grew out of the poetic of various Prague theater groups: Mimoza, Kolotoč, Vpřed, Křeč, and Sklep. His second feature, Smoke (Kouř, 1990) – a “rhythmical of the totalitarian age” – tells the story of a young engineer named Mirek who gets a new job under the socialist regime and is assigned the huge task of ridding the city of exhaust fumes and smog. In 1996, director Vorel came out with his third feature, Stone Bridge (Kamený most), a biting comedy which plays out in the very heart of Prague: Charles Bridge. The story is filled with romance, passion, black humor, and dark Prague mysticism. In 2000, he directed the highly popular Out of the City, which focuses on a computer programmer named Tomáš. Two years later he followed it up with the untraditional documentary Out of the City II (Z města cesta 2002), in which he drew portraits of five incredible personalities, including Eva Holubová and Bolek Polívka. In 2005, he came out with another original work, the slaughterhouse grotesque Skritek (Skřítek). The film earned Vorel, Marek Jícha, and Petr Král a nomination for a Czech Lion for Best Creative Achievement. Skritek took Main Prize in the European film category at the Syracuse International Film and Video Festival in New York. Tomáš Vorel has received a number of other prizes for his work. His latest feature, The Can, will premiere on September 27, 2007.

Tomáš Vorel lives in the Prague quarter of Bráník, and one of his favorite places is Rabštejn nad Střelou – the smallest town in Europe.



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Feb 22, 2011 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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