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Apr 10, 2014 - May 4, 2014

Don Juan, or, Wages of Debauchery

Marionette theater.

Jan Hus Playhouse April 10-May 4th
351 East 74th Street (Bet 1st & 2nd Ave.)
Thursdays-Saturdays @ 8 pm, Sundays @ 2:30

This Don Juan story by Vit Horejs of Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre is not a long dusty opera, nor is it unsuitable for the kids. In 18th century Europe, Don Juan ("Don Shajn") was among the top "hits" of the Czech marionette repertoire when the only theatre truly available in small towns and villages were shows by itinerant puppeteers. Their plays were a whimsical mixture of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," heroic legends, and rudimentary pre-Shakespearean tragedies. There is nothing very glamorous about the character of Don Juan in this Czech puppet playhe ends up as a common robber, hungry, rejected by all his former conquests and riled constantly by his inept servant Kasparek, the earthy Bohemian cousin of Mr. Punch and Leporello. Don Juan's womanizing is done at the Warner Brothers cartoon level; music includes Czech folk singing and a few "Don Giovanni" arias tossed in for good measure.

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Jan Hus Playhouse, 351 East 74th Street, NYC


From: Apr 10, 2014
To: May 4, 2014


Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre

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