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Sep 4, 2013 7:30 PM - Sep 7, 2013 7:30 PM

Dusan Tynek Dance Theater

Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre celebrates its 10th anniversary at BAM Fisher September 4-7 with a program that includes two world premieres, Stereopsis and Romanesco Suite, and one acclaimed repertory work Base Pairs (2010). The program’s three compelling dances each freshly examine the confluence of science and mythology.

Choreographer Dušan Týnek (called by The New York Times “an undoubted talent, a choreographer who seems fascinated by movement itself and the strange, subtle ways in which it communicates strange, subtle things”) has been widely acclaimed for his striking blend of theatricality and musicality. In this program, he relies less on traditional musical instruments to explore rhythms – percussive sounds, mating calls of cicadas, and amplified footfall, breathing, and speech emanating from the dancers themselves – orchestrated in
collaboration with sound designer Dave Ruder. The program also features original text by Cynthia Polutanovich, in a recording by dance legend Lucinda Childs.

The performances will mark the culmination of a 14-month partnership with BAM and the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center (DVIAM) as part of the inaugural year of the BAM Professional Development Program

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW: www.bam.org/dusantynek   
20% Discount for the Czech Center Club members - use code 22357
Opening Night Gala - a special $45 ticket provides premium seating and a pass to a post-performance celebration with the company on the BAM Fisher Rooftop Terrace with wine and hors d'ouevres


More on the program’s three dances:
Stereopsis (World Premiere) visits the island of Cyclops in Homer’s Odyssey and explores the concept of “stereopsis” - the ability to perceive depth, usually requiring binocular disparity, although not necessarily in instances when an object is in motion. The dance is layered with an original text by Cynthia Poluntanovich that reworks Homer’s original.

Romanesco Suite (World Premiere) weaves a narrative out of the theory of fractals and its appearance in a philosophical theory of preformationism and the existence of homunculi. The dance is accompanied by a recording of the 17-year brood of cicadas that emerged in the summer of 2013 in the Northeastern U.S.

Base Pairs (2010), is inspired by origin stories and explores themes of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, the role of DNA on evolution and the incompatibility with creationism and biblical stories (e.g., the great flood and Noah’s Ark, Garden of Eden). The dance is accompanied only by a single, ticking metronome, the steadiness of which is contrasted by the dancers who embody the tempo and develop phrases in increasingly complex variations. Choreographed for eight performers, there are rarely more than one or two couples on stage at a time, inferring a larger dance that extends beyond the finite parameters of the stage, space, and time. Base Pairs incorporates an original text by Cynthia Polutanovich, performed by dance legend Lucinda Childs (recording).




BAM-Fisher (321 Ashland Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217)


From: Sep 4, 2013 7:30 PM
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