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Nov 16, 2020 2:00 PM - Nov 20, 2020 3:00 PM

European Literature Days 2020 - New York City

European Literature Days introduces new and diverse European books that are not to be missed! Authors from Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Malta, and Romania will introduce their incredible new works, which have been translated into English, and talk about their craft in engaging conversations hosted by Trafika Europe Radio, November 16-20 from New York City. This exclusive podcast mini-series brings the spirit of European cafe culture to you wherever you are in this multi-cultural celebration. To put on European Literature Days New York, Czech Center is partnering with Arts Council Malta, Austrian Cultural Forum, Italian Cultural Institute, and Romanian Cultural Institute through EUNIC NY Cluster (European Union National Institutes for Culture).

November 16-20 daily on Trafika Europe Radio. Epiosodes premiere at 2 PM ET.


Nov. 16 - Italy - Veronica Raimo
Nov. 17 - Czech Republic - Pavla Horáková
Nov. 18 - Romania - Dan Coman
Nov. 19 - Austria - Anna Goldenberg
Nov. 20 -  Malta - John P. Portelli




Anna Goldenberg - I Belong to Vienna 

1942, Anna Goldenberg’s great-grandparents are deported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Hans, their elder son, survives by hiding in an apartment in the middle of Nazi-controlled Vienna. But this is no Anne Frank-like existence; teenage Hans passes time in the municipal library and buys standing room tickets to the Vienna State Opera. He never sees his family again. Goldenberg reconstructs this unique story in magnificent reportage. Although they tried living in the United States after World War Two, both grandparents eventually returned to Vienna. The author, too, has returned to her native Vienna after living in New York herself, and her fierce attachment to her birthplace enlivens her engrossing biographical history. A probing tale of heroism, resilience, identity and belonging, marked by a surprising freshness as a new generation comes to terms with history's darkest era.

Anna Goldenberg, born in 1989 in Vienna, studied psychology at the University of Cambridge and journalism at Columbia University. She worked at the Jewish newspaper The Forward in New York before returning to Vienna where she now writes as a freelance journalist.

Alta L. Price translates from Italian and German, and was awarded the 2013 Gutekunst Prize. Her publications include work by Corrado Augias, Dana Grigorcea, Jürgen Holstein, and Martin Mosebach. She is co-curator of the 2020-2021 edition of Festival Neue Literatur.


Czech Republic

Pavla Horáková - A Theory of Strangeness 

A brilliantly described journey of a young urban intellectual in search of a deeper meaning of life.

At first glance, Ada Sabova may seem like a stereotypical, young urban intellectual. Disillusioned with relationships, the predictable pattern her life has taken, and most of all her work at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Human Studies, she finds amusement in noticing minor, apparently coincidental and unusual things around her, and realizes they actually follow certain patterns, resulting in something she privately dubs “a theory of strangeness”. Ada’s growing obsession with the search for a coworker’s missing son pushes her on a new path – and her neat, predictable life suddenly takes quite an unexpected turn.

Pavla Horáková is a Prague-based author, radio journalist, and literary translator. Her published works of fiction include a detective trilogy for young adults Tajemství Hrobaříků (The Secret of the Sexton Beetles, 2010, 2016), Hrobaříci v podzámčí (The Sexton Beetles under the Castle, 2011, 2016) and Hrobaříci a Hrobaři (The Sexton Beetles and the Gravediggers, 2012, 2018). In 2018 she co-authored the novella Johana (along with Alena Scheinostová and Zuzana Dostálová) and published her first novel for adults, Teorie podivnosti (A Theory of Strangeness). She has translated over 20 books from English and Serbian (including novels by Kurt Vonnegut, Saul Bellow and Iain Banks) and received two translation awards. In 2019, she received the prestigious Czech Magnesia Litera Award for best work of fiction for Teorie podivnosti (A Theory of Strangeness). The novel has since been translated into three languages and seven other translations are in progress.



Veronica Raimo - The Girl at the Door 

(Grove Press, Black Cat, translated by Stash Luczkiw)

Called “the first post-Weinstein novel” by Vanity Fair Italy, The Girl at the Door is a riveting story of lust, power, and betrayal.

While on vacation on an idyllic island called Miden, a seemingly aimless woman meets an attractive man and leaves her country to be with him. A few months later, newly pregnant and just beginning to feel comfortable in her lover’s space, her life is upended when a girl arrives at the door.

Slight and pretty, the girl discloses a drawn out and violent affair she’s had with her professor, the father of the woman’s unborn child. In alternating perspectives, the professor and his girlfriend reflect upon their lives, each other, and their interloper. As the community gathers testimony and considers the case, the couple is forced to confront their own paranoia, fetishes, and transgressions in light of the student’s accusations.

Provocative and unnerving, The Girl at the Door explores the bureaucracy of a scandal, and the thin line between lust and possession. In an age in which blunt power and fickle nuance take turns upon the stage, Raimo has delivered an intoxicating exploration of the politics and power of sex.

Veronica Raimo is the author of two novels published in Italy – Il dolore secondo Matteo and Tutte le feste di domani – and a collection of short stories published in Germany, Eines Tages alles dir. Veronica contributes regularly to Rolling Stone and wrote the script for Sleeping Beauty by Marco Bellocchio. She has translated from English to Italian writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Octavia Butler, Iain Sinclair, Vikram Seth, and others. She lives in Rome.



John P. Portelli - Everyday Encounters: Short Stories 

(pub. Word and Deed, Burlington. Ontario, Canada and Horizons, Malta, 2019) 

John’s literary work is very much rooted in his Maltese and Canadian experience. His short stories and novels complement a body of poetic works which he has written mainly in the Maltese language, but which is widely translated in English and other languages. In the specific case of his short stories collected in Everyday Encounters, Portelli’s authorial state of mind reflects his own migrant existence, where he goes back and forth between his place of birth and upbringing [Malta] and his adoptive country [Canada], the former being marked by “those who left”, and the latter being a place marked by “those who arrived” and who are always in search of a sense of belonging. Everyday Encounters’s short stories capture instant states of being marked by a feeling of displacement.
--Dr. Laura Falzon, Cultural representative, Arts Council Malta in New York








Dan Coman, novelist and poet


Dan Coman was born in 1975 in Gersa (Romania). He published three books of poetry, anul cârtiței galbene (the year of the yellow mole, Timpul Publishing House, Iaşi, 2003), Ghinga (Vinea Publishing House, Bucharest, 2005), Dicţionarul Mara, ghidul tatălui 0-2 ani (Mara Dictionary, Father Guide: 0-2 years, Cartier Publishing House, Chişinău, 2009) and two anthologies of his own poetry: d great coman (Vinea Publishing House, Bucharest, 2007) and erg (Charmides Publishing House, Bistrita, 2012). He also published three novels: Irezistibil (Irresistible, Cartea Românească Publishing House, 2010), Parohia (The Parish, Cartea Românească Publishing House 2012), Căsnicie (Marriage, Polirom Publishing House, 2015). He won The Writers Union Prize Award, 2004, Mihai Eminescu Award, Opera Prima, 2004, Radio Romania Cultural Award 2010, and the Crystal Vilenica Prize, Slovenia, 2011. He has been published in the in the following anthologies: Om jag inte får tala med någon nu: 27 poeter från Rumänien (Bokförlaget Tranan, Sweden, 2011), Of Gentle Wolves, An Anthology of Romanian Poetry (edited by Martin Woodside, Calypso Editions, 2011), The Vanishing Point that Whistles (Talisman House Publishers, Massachusetts, 2011), Anthologie de la poésie roumaine contemporaine (Paris, 2008), Iz Novije Rumunske Poezije (Serbia, 2009), Pesniki, Cakajoci na angela (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010). In 2012, the anthology Ghinga was published at Edition Solitude, Stuttgart, translated into German by Georg Aescht. His poems have been translated into German, Swedish, French, English, Slovenian, Serbian, Hungarian and featured in several literary magazines. Dan Coman is the organiser of the International Poetry and Music Festival in Bistrița (Poetry in Bistrita) and was, in 2018, the recipient of a fellowship to attend the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa.




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