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Oct 28, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

Exhibition: Karen LaMonte: Embodied Beauty

Karen LaMonte’s sculptures explore how clothing defines cultural identities and acts as our “social skin.” This exhibition brings together two series of her works, Floating World and Nocturnes, to examine ideals of beauty in different cultural contexts.


Oct 28 - Dec 20, 2019
Gerald Peters Gallery

Using life-size mannequins she built with biometric data from Japanese women, LaMonte produced kimono forms in rusted iron, bronze, ceramic and glass. These sculptures suggest an absent wearer, employing the same formal treatment of the body as in the artist’s earlier works. However, the portrayal of beauty embodied in these sculptures is in contrast. LaMonte incorporated the kimono’s traditional padding and binding, which masks the figure underneath, and each sleeve length, fold and bow expresses an aspect of the wearer’s identity within the context of her community—imparting an iconography of beauty distinct from Western conceptions. 

LaMonte returned to her focus on Western dress following Floating World, this time through the lens of “Night” as concept and metaphor. Nodding to the atmospheric portrayals of night by painters such as James Abbott McNeil Whistler, and the Nocturne compositions by Frederic Chopin and John Field, LaMonte devised life-size sculptures of female figures, some standing and some in repose, and all wearing evening dresses she herself designed and sewed. In white bronze, rusted iron and shades of blue glass, these works evoke twilight and deepest night, conjuring the social behaviors and feelings we associate with nighttime.

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Gerald Peters Gallery, 24 East 78th Street New York, New York 10075


From: Oct 28, 2019
To: Dec 20, 2019


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