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Sep 10, 2014 - Oct 29, 2014


Solo exhibition of Dominik Lang, winner of the Czech annual young artist award in 2013, who represented the Czech Republic at the Venice Biennale in 2013.

Dominik Lang 

Born 1980, Prague. Lives and works in Prague.

Dominik Lang is a sculptor whose source of inspiration comes from his interest in the logic and manner of the artistic production and exhibition process. His work explores the way in which things are arranged, how they function, and how they are perceived by people. He creates site specific installations or interventions with strong architectural elements using and manipulating ready-made materials that complete, enhance or modify a given space. Lang aims to create a specific context for the viewer's attention - a demonstration of the spatial, historical, and institutional conditionality of what we see. 

While the life and exploration of historical objects from the troves of Czech history of art, to the overflowing shelves of his family home - repeatedly surface throughout his practice, the way in which these histories are accessed, understood, and abstracted are as much his field of interest.

About his recent work
The focus of his installation Expanded Anxiety (2013, Secession, Vienna) was the work of the Czech Cubist sculptor Otto Gutfreund (1889-1927), cubist-expressionist figure, which attempts to attract the surrounding space into the sculpture. Lang's work was an expansion of the sculpture into the whole space of the gallery, allowing the visitor to only see it from the inside, entering the void, the cave-like inner body of the sculpture which is usually hidden to the gaze of visitors.

His large-scale installation, Sleeping City (2011), in the Czechoslovak pavilion during the 54th Venice biennale, linked together two sculptural approaches, each with a radically different historical con- text, against the background of an intimate family relationship. The stifling atmosphere of a studio crowded with "sleeping" statues by Lang's father, the social insulation and apathy have inspired the title of Dominik Lang?s multi-layered project. In his site- specific installation, reacting to the classic architecture of the Czechoslovak pavilion, he put forth a hypothetical model of a never-realized exhibition: he handled the works of the generationally antecedent artist as a material for formative activity, torn out of its historical context, inset within new constellations.

In his most recent installation, East-West, (2013, Jindrich Chalupecky Award Finalists exhibition) Dominik Lang created a situation in which the central space of the hall of the National Gallery in Prague is arched over by the path of the sun which spans above the hall abyss between the point of the sunrise and the sunset from horizon to horizon, inserted into the exhibition panel. The orientation of the building enables through the installation to reflect on our position in relation to architecture, everyday rhythm and functioning as well as our subjective perception of time as well as the time which happens outside of us. The building of Veletrzni palace thus frames up one of the most common and basic nature phenomenon- the sunrise and the sunset, which is being drawn into the axis of the construction of the small gallery hall. The functionalist building itself becomes a mediator, glasses or observatory as well as a scene, defined field, on which the sunrise and sunset comes closer, encounters and blends into each other. The installation is supported and shaped by the authentic rhythm, which is subject to the weather conditions and with no respect to the exhibition opening hours. The work relativizes the notion of inside and outside and deals in comparison to recent large scale works with dematerialized aesthetic with minimum of construction elements and poetic character. The artist at the same time perceives the work as a pure sculptural gesture which engages the whole space.

Born 1980 in Prague, Czech Republic, Lang graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2008, while taking one year during his studies at Coopers Union in New York and the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. Lang was the curator the Jeleni Gallery at the Center for Contemporary Arts from 2007-11, and the assistant in the international visiting professor's atelier at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague from 2008-11. Currently he is heads up the sculpture studio at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, together with the Prague based curator Edith Jerabkova.

Dominik Lang was awarded the Jindrich Chalupecky Award for Young Artists in the Czech Republic in 2013, and in the same year was named Artist of the Year in an annual survey conducted by Art+Antiques magazine.

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From: Sep 10, 2014
To: Oct 29, 2014


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