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Mar 17, 2011 7:00 PM

The newest films of FAMU students

The collection of most successful films of FAMU students from the past year will be introduced by Michal Bregant, Head of FAMU International and Chair of FAMU MFA Program. Part of the "STUDY FILM IN PRAGUE...NOW IN NEW YORK CITY!" series.

Located in the heart of Prague, FAMU, the Czech National Film Academy, is one of the oldest and most prestigious film schools worldwide. This independent institution of higher learning, with ten departments devoted exclusively to audio-visual media, provides a balance of theory and practice -- a proven method that has trained some of Europe’s most prominent filmmakers.

Though the notoriously difficult (but beautiful) Czech language is the traditional language of instruction, FAMU also conducts international programs in English that offer intensive production courses such as its two-semester Academy Program, exchange programs with top US universities, and now, its newly opened MFA program in English: Cinema and Digital Media.

Recently, FAMU has started branching beyond its Czech borders, conducting intensive, short-term workshops in locations like Mexico, Macedonia, Slovenia, and even Burma.

Now, in cooperation with the Czech Center in NYC, FAMU has prepared this Prague-New York seminar series, conducted by FAMU mentors, all with experience at FAMU International, and with workshops such as NYU at FAMU.

Instruction in this series will be based on traditional FAMU methods, offering lectures, analysis, discussion, and personal interactions, all with an eye toward the practical aspects of the filmmaking art.  While the courses will be primarily lecture orientated, participants will also be encouraged to bring in their own work, and upon request the FAMU mentors will be available for individual consultations.

 This seminar series makes for a great start for all who wish to explore plans to study filmmaking.

Before the first seminar FAMU will introduce itself with the screening of recent student films which were awarded at the annual FAMU festival and elsewhere. 



March 17, 7 pm
The newest films of FAMU students
The collection of most successful films of FAMU students from the past year will be introduced by Michal Bregant, Head of FAMU International and Chair of FAMU MFA Program

March 19-20, 2 pm
Michal Bregant: History of Czech Cinema: In Transition and Today
This session will introduce crucial moments and personalities of Czech New Wave Cinema and focus on the contemporary film industry in the Czech Republic. Participants will get first-hand experience with contemporary film production in the Czech Republic and it’s political and cultural contexts.

April 2-3, 10:30 am
Pavel Jech: Screenwriting for the short form
Utilizing classical European dramaturgy, this session will include lectures and analysis regarding the structures, styles and impact of the short narrative form. The following day, students will write traditional script-writing exercises from FAMU’s Department of Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy, and consult individual scripts.

… the same day at 2:30 pm:

Michael Gahut: Topics in Cinematography
This session explores the cinematographer's role in the process of filmmaking in pre-production, production and post-production, covering "the tools of film language" as exercised by the cinematographer, and examining the elements of the cinematographic image that influence and impact the viewer. Also presented will be the influence of exposure manipulation and post-production technologies, exploring the idea of "correct exposure" regarding the aesthetic image of the film.

May 7-8, 2 pm
Pavel Marek: Directing Analysis: Methods, Styles, and Approaches to European Cinema

This session will discuss filmmaking topics such as the techniques of directing actors, the use of the camera to narrate stories, narrative plots vs. experimental plots, montage (editing), and the use of mise-en-scene.  Employing a workshop style discussion, the session will be illuminated by examples from contemporary Czech cinema, including both feature length work and rarely seen short films.  Throughout, this session will be focused on the question:  How do we use film language to articulate drama?







Each lecture session is two to three hours. These lectures are free and open to the public.


The following day the lecturers are available for practical workshops and individual consultations with participants.



Lectures are free of charge.

$ 50 for each workshop session, or $ 90 for all four workshops. All fees to be paid in cash on the spot.


There are limited places in the workshop, so don’t hesitate and apply now at michal.bregant@famu.cz




About participating FAMU faculties:


Michal Bregant

Film historian, critic, and curator. Graduated from Charles University in Prague; worked for National Film Archive in Prague; 2002-2008 Dean of FAMU; since 2008 Chair of FAMU International. Writes about Czech film history, experimental cinema, film and visual arts. Curator of special programs of Czech film. In 1998 taught as visiting Professor at the Dept. of Slavic Languages, University of Texas at Austin, TX.


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Mar 17, 2011 7:00 PM


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