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Nov 29, 2011 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Parallel Worlds

FILM CLUB. Free admission. Q&A with director Petr Vaclav after film screening.

Parallel Worlds ( Paralelní světy)
Directed by Petr Vaclav, 2001, 100 min
In Czech with English Subtitles

Q&A will be moderated by the film curator Lorenzo Gattorna

Parallel Worlds looks at a relationship between a man and a woman and their inability to communicate. On the surface, then, Václav's "parallel worlds" are the separate lives of his two protagonists, which move in the same direction without ever quite touching each other. There are, as we shall see, other possible interpretations of the title.

The screenplay, written by the director, tells a story of two main characters: an architect named Kryštof (Karel Roden) and a French translator Tereza (Lenka Vlasáková). Both of the figures are people from the director's generation; Prague intellectuals in their thirties who do not have a family and who have been unsuccessfully looking for a "place in life" and find their lives in crisis. Depression, lost hope and daunted courage cause their unhappiness. This is especially true of Tereza who realizes her pregnancy is overpowered by a moment of private and professional crisis.

The lives of both the characters are at breaking point. Mutual non-communication and misapprehension make their situation even more difficult. Kryštof finds a solution from the crisis in his casual rendezvous with his Slovak mistress, while Tereza stays helpless only with herself. When Kryštof in a short dialog refuses the possibility of getting married and having a family, Tereza realizes that none of these things could solve their problems, and she decides to go for an abortion without telling Kryštof.

Petr Vaclav
Petr Vaclav graduated from FAMU in Prague. He shot documentaries about communist Czechoslovakia in the ’90s: in black and white: peasants who refused to join the communal farms, in colour, the life of Vietnamese workers toiling in Czech factories.
"Mme Le Murie" , the portrait of an aging Baroness who manages to survive fifty years of hostility in her ruined property, was nominated for the Student Oscar and was awarded the Prize for the Best documentary film at the Film School Film Festival.
Vaclav produced and directed his first feature movie "Marian" , story of a Romany child, shot with Romany non actors who share similar fates with his hero. "Marian" received multiple awards including the Silver Leopard in Locarno. His second feature, "Parallel worlds" was selected for the San Sebastian Official Competition and was awarded the 2001 Best Czech Film award.
Between reality and dreams, the film depicts the unravelling of a relationship. The screenplay was nominated for the Sundance NHK award. The screenplay "Follow your princess" , coauthored with Marie Desplechin, was nominated for the Sopanin Best Screenwriter Award, Paris, in 2006. Vaclav lives in Paris. He writes in French.

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Nov 29, 2011 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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