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Sep 20, 2011 7:00 PM

The Missing Letters

FILM CLUB. Free admission. Silent film with live music accompaniment by Jiri Kaderabek

Silent film with live music accompaniment by Jiri Kaderabek www.jirikaderabek.com

The Missing Letters (Setřelé písmo)
Directed by Josef Rovenský, Czechoslovakia, 1920

Cast: Anny Ondráková, Karel Lamač, Josef Rovenský, Joe Jenčík, Josef Šváb-Malostranský, Frank Rose-Růžička, ...

Sculptor and collector of old manuscripts Salda acquires part of a medieval manuscript which describes the whereabouts of hidden treasure. He does not possess the other part of the manuscript, however, which is stored at the museum. He tells this secret to hi lover and model, Olga. Salda is preparing a new work of art and he decides to seek another model for it. Olga leaves him in anger. The unemployed sculptor Randa seeks work with Salda and his first assignment is to find a model, a fragile blonde. Randa fulfils this task and brings the flower-girl Enny back to the studio. Salda tries to win her favour any way he can, even with the aid of hypnosis. Randa, in love with Enny, intends to leave with the girl but Salda abuses the feelings he has for her and gives him a condition: he asks Randa to steal the other half of the manuscript from the museum. A gang of thieves, led by Greeman, is also preparing to steal it. He has been informed of the manuscript's existence and Salda's plans by the vengeful Olga.
Suspicious goings on at the museum bring the police to investigate and they succeed in overcoming Greeman's gang. Randa frees Enny from captivity at Salda's house. Salda is punished by fate when he is killed when one of his own statues falls on him.



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Sep 20, 2011 7:00 PM


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