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Sep 20, 2016 7:00 PM - Sep 21, 2016


Artists from the Prague-New York Effects initiative perform extracts & participate in a panel discussion about the experience. Dance journalist, Jana Návratová, will discuss the impact of the project in Prague & introduce the Dance for Camera films..

Czech Center New York’s flagship project in 2016 was entitled Prague-New York Effects and it epitomized our mission towards creating enduring transatlantic collaborations. This project brought renowned Czech and American artists together, unifying them in the common dialogue of the creative process to birth original performance duets. These performances had their world premieres in both countries.



7:00 -7:30                            Guest arrival with site specific performances in Lobby & Stairwell by Denisa Musilová and Darrin Wright
                                               Photo slideshow & video loops in the Gallery on 2nd Floor

7:30 -7:35                            Welcome by Consul General of the Czech Republic Martin Dvořák and Czech Center New York Director,
                                               Barbara Karpetová in the Ballroom on 4th Floor

7:35 -8:00                            Prague-New York Effects: The Fourth Effect with Tami Stronach and Floex in the Ballroom on 4th Floor

8:00 -8:15                            Panel discussion on Prague-New York Effects moderated by Miřenka Čechová with Tami Stronach, Floex,
                                              Tendayi Kuumba and Jana Návratová  in the Ballroom on 4th Floor

8:15 -9:00                            EVENTS RUN CONCURRENTLY
                                               Audience Interaction with dance sensors from Prague-New York Effects Performance: Tami Stronach &
                                               Floex in the Ballroom on 4th Floor

                                               Dance for Camera introduced by Jana Návratová in the Cinema on 1st Floor
                                               Cat and the Rat performance excerpt from Around the Band in the Skybox on 5th Flooor with Sarah
                                                Haarmann, Iris Platt, Denisa Musilová and Darrin Wright

9:00 -10:00                          Jazz concert with Tendayi Kuumba and Gerry Eastman on the Rooftop. In the event of rain, the concert will
                                               be in the Ballroom on 4th Floor.

The project was supported by Petr Gandalovič, Czech Ambassador to the United States and Andrew Schapiro, United States Ambassador to the Czech Republic who endorses this vibrant cultural exchange.

Prague-New York Effects, First Effect, featured Tendayi Kuumba and Lenka Dusilová who garnered impressive media coverage in both New York and Prague.

The Second Effect featured the phenomenal talents of Petr Zuska - Artistic Director of Czech National Ballet and Jen Shyu –multi instrumentalist, jazz vocalist, composer & dancer.

The Third Effect featured Helga Davis actress, singer, and Jiří Bartovanec –Czech dancer & choreographer.

The Fourth Effect featured the artistry of Tami Stronach-actress, dancer & choreographer and Tomáš Dvořák (Floex) – clarinetist, composer; producer & multi-media artist.

On September 20, 7pm will be the Prague-New York Effects wrap up performance of the entire project where theer will be installations and performances throughout the building. Miřenka Čechová  will lead a Q+A with the artists to discuss the impact that the project has had on their creative lives and how they experienced working in their partners country. (To find out more about this performance as well as the initiative to date go to www.ef-fects.com.)

The renowned dance journalist, Jana Návratová will also discuss the impact of the initiative in Prague and then introduce the Dance for Camera Films project. These contemporary films have been made by Czech filmmakers, choreographers and dancers.

Dance for camera is a relatively young genre but filmmakers have used choreography and dance movement from the very beginning of cinematography. Dance film now is a special genre of cinematography based on visual concept without support of textual screenplay. Czech dance film history is not long, but it has some sparkling results of rich visions and fruitful communication between dance and film creators. The evening will present a varied collection of films based on the concept of choreography and dance.


The Dance film festival, in collaboration with the Arts and Theatre Institute and Film academy in Prague, organize film workshops for young filmmakers and dancers led by respected mentors. The workshops Dance and Camera were mentored by film directors Daniel Conrad (CAN), David Hinton (UK) and Clara van Gool (NL). Each session resulted in excellent poetic short films, some of which were internationally acclaimed. The evening will also screen the masterpiece of the genre made by Jiří Kylian (CZ/NL) and Boris Paval (NL).

Dance film festival in Prague is a member of a world wide family of dance for camera presenters. They share a passion for film and dance with the public to illustrate the intensity and beauty of the dance movement, along with imaginative visual concepts, poetic messages and the originality of each individual film´s language. Film is a global medium, and dance has no language barriers – so they also support production and collaboration in the dance film field to create international and interdisciplinary connections of dancers, choreographers and film producers. 


Jana Návratová
is the curator of the Dance film festival in Prague. She graduated in theatre and film history and went into the field of dance to be a part of the new chapter of Czech dance after 1989. She is a journalist, researcher, curator and head of the Dance Carrere Endowment Fund.

Tami Stronach is an Israeli-American dancer, choreographer and actress. Since appearing as The Childlike Empress in The Never Ending Story she has been creating Interdisciplinary work that explores the intersection of dance and theater. She founded her own dance company "Tami Stronach Dance" which tours worldwide. Since its' formation in 2000 the company has been commissioned and or presented by over 20 venues in NYC including Danspace Project at Saint Marks Church, Dance New Amsterdam, Dance Theater Workshop, Joyce Soho, Joe's Pub, and PS122 among others. Tami is a recipient of numerous awards for excellence in choreography including a Thayer Fellowship and has been awarded multiple grants from the Brooklyn Arts Council, the Manhattan Arts Council and residencies from the Here Art Center (TSD) and The New Victory Theater (PCC). Her theater credits include being an ensemble member of the Flying Machine Theater for 7 years whose original work Frankenstein was nominated for a Drama Desk award. She recently co-founded Paper Canoe Company with her husband Greg Steinbruner to create high quality performances for family audiences.  She is also a dedicated teacher and has taught for Lincoln Center Institute and was a full time Associate Professor of dance for 5 years at Marymount Manhattan College where she continues to adjunct teaching composition.
Please visit www.tamistronach.com and www.papercanoecompany.com for more info. 

Tomáš Dvořák is a clarinetist, composer, producer and multimedia artist from Prague. His music is characterized by unique exploration of the electroacoustic field and the deep atmospheric mood of his tracks. Tomáš is also the creator of several unique interactive multimedia installations and performances.

In 1996 Tomáš started to compose under his project name "Floex". His debut album Pocustone (2001) bridges relatively isolated genres such as nu-jazz, electronic and modern contemporary music. The album was highly critically acclaimed in The Czech Republic and internationally gaining several awards (Angel Award 2001 and

Nomination to Europian Qwartz Awards).He is well known for his cooperation with Amanita Design on the soundtracks for the games Samorost2 (2006), Machinarium (2009) and Samorost 3 (2016). Machinarium OST gained massive reaction by both fansand critics and was selected as the best 2009 soundtrack according to the world’s number one game magazine - PCGamer.

In 2011 Floex released his new album Zorya which explores acoustic music (especially classical minimalism), soundtrack music and contemporary electronic. The symbol of the album was the Slavic night guard goddess “Zorya Polunochnaya” that personifies more deep, subconscious and nightly moods of music.

In 2013 Tomáš started cooperation with German label Denovali Records releasing Gone EP featuring a remix by Hidden Orchestra.

Tomáš is also the creator of several unique interactive multimedia installations and performances (RGB,Crossroad, Live Score) which he created mainly in 2002-2007 while studying at Prague Academy of Visual arts.

His recent work Archifon series is based on the idea of making big interactive instruments from the buildings interiors via mapping (www.archifon.org). It was made together with Daniel Gregor and gained international success being featured in BBC World, Forbes, Wire , Discovery Channel and more. Archifon III was presented at the Ars Electronica Festival in 2014.



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