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Nov 3, 2011 6:00 PM - Nov 30, 2011

Journeys of Franz K.

Multicultural project "Journeys of Franz K” includes all places, which where important for life and work of well-known writer Franz Kafka. The World according to Kafka ÷ Musical-Literary Collage - Admission: Free – However, tickets are required. For reservations, please call Elysium at (212) 744 4875 or e-mail elysiumbtc@aol.com

The World according to Kafka ÷ Musical-Literary Collage

In Franz Kafka’s work the great upheaval of the 20th century is expressed almost like a vision. Like no other author, Kafka describes the emotional framework and living conditions of modernity. His protagonists often are helplessly confronted by anonymous powers; they are imprisoned in a maze without exit. Fear and failure are dominant topics. In vain his protagonists look for a way out. A master of the absurd, Kafka describes the most fantastic events with a clarity and precision, that leads the reader to the limits of thinking.

Texts from Kafka’s short stories, letters, diaries, and aphorisms, are juxtaposed with compositions by his Czech contemporaries Max Brod, Antonin Dvorák, Pavel Haas, Leoš Janácek, Bohuslav Martinu, Vitezslav Novák, Adolf Schreiber, Bedrich Smetana, Josef Suk and Viktor Ullmann, as well as Kafka work set to music by Stefan Heucke.

Opening of the exhibit “The Journeys of Franz Kafka” immediately followed by the
Musical-Literary Collage “The World according to Kafka”

Admission: Free – However, tickets are required
For reservations, please call Elysium at (212) 744 4875 or e-mail elysiumbtc@aol.com
(Limit of 2 tickets per request)
Reception to follow  –  Please Note: Doors will close at 6:45 pm – late arrivals will not be admitted


Journeys of Franz K.

Photographer: Jan Jindra

 Author of project, Czech photographer Jan Jindra search these places according detailed descriptions in Kafka ś books, as diaries, letters, memories of his friends. These places are not only in Prague, but all around Czech Republic and also in foreign countries as Germany, France, Switzerland and others. Until now still exists only one visual material about Kafka ś place, published by German publishing house Klaus Wagenbach, Bilder aus seinem Leben, but this book inludes only historical pictures of Kafka ś time.

Consultants of our project are well-known specialists of Kafka: Dr. Josef Čermák is literary historian and co-founder of Czech Society of Franz Kafka, Dr. Hans-Gerd Koch is member of Kafka-Forschungsstelle of Bergische Universität Wuppertal and also editor of Kritischen Kafka Ausgabe.

Our main goal is introduce Kafka to public different way then usually people know him. A lot of people think that he lived only in Prague, never traveled, that he was pessimistic person without any hope. But we would like to change little bit these stereotypes. That is why we search pictures of his journeys, stories about these places. All this shows that he was very active person, curious young man with many various interests.

The most important result of project is photo collection of Kafka ś places.  This collection includes 40 - 80 black-and-white photographs, which are not in exact documentary style. Author wants to discover the spirit of these places and their specific atmosphere and present it in photos. His contemporary photos are completed with old photos or postcards of these places from Kafka ´s time. The photos have also short description together with quotations from Kafka ś books. The photo collection is presented as an exhibition, topics are: Kafka and Prague, Kafka and Czech Republic, Kafka and his journeys in Europe.

Our general partner for this project are Czech centers, which introduce Czech culture abroad. This project has been supported by of Czech-German Fund for the Future. The financial support was for presentation of our exhibition at Bergische Universität Wuppertal in Mai 2006.

We presented successfully exhibitions on next places such is Dresden, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Chemnitzt, Rotterdam, Brussel, Weimar, Müritz, Liberec, Carracas, Buenos Aires, Písek, Zlin, Konstanz and  Rumburk.

                                                             Judita Matyášová, Jan Jindra







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From: Nov 3, 2011 6:00 PM
To: Nov 30, 2011


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