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Oct 11, 2019 7:00 PM

Rock Music Concert: GARAGE BAND & Tribute to Bohumil Krčil

Garage is a legendary Prague rock underground band and became a symbol of total artistic and uncompromising independence and freedom. Naturally during the 1989 revolution it was Garage, who was asked by the students to support them on strike and dramatic November and December days.

October 11, 7PM
In the Ballroom  


Rock Music Concert: GARAGE BAND
Followed by Tribute to Bohumil Krčil: Book: Sebráno v New Yorku (2018, Torst)

Cash bar provided by Bohemian Spirit.

„If you would like to know the sound of the Velvet Revolution then you should attend the concert of the Garage band from Prague”.   (Václav Havel, former Czech President and Playwright)

Although the music of the Garage band may be compared to the legendary Velvet Underground, any resemblance stems from the undeniable admiration of their American idols, which the musicians from Prague continue to demonstrate. It is the authentical spontaneity as well as the joy of music that made the Garage one of the symbols of Czech independent music scene. Their music proved as very capable of encouraging the fans for survival in the toughest of times, especially prior to the political change of 1989. In addition, the scene's protagonists, including the Garage, managed to spread some fun when it was badly needed.

Garage is a legendary Prague rock underground band. During 1980s it combined official concerts (it was forbidden to play for money), semilegal and illegal concerts. Garage became a symbol of total artistic and uncompromising independence. Naturally during the 1989 revolution they were asked by students to support them on strike and dramatic November and December events.

In years after 1989 Garage became very popular especially among young people. 

Therefore it is more than appropriate to invite Garage to celebrate the 30th anniversary of 1989 events with us. There is another connection though. Garage was always inspired by New York music scene, by artists like Lou Reed, John Cale, Patti Smith or Iggy Pop, by bands like Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, Ramones, Talking Heads etc. Eventhough Garage always performed its own songs and music, they became the envoy of New York music style in Prague in its own way eventhough members of the band never had a chance to visit NYC or any western country for that matter under communism. The lead singer Tony Ducháček writes very unique lyrics inspired by rough street and suburban life and slang, which is another connection to Lou Reed or Iggy Pop. Naturally, New York was one of the places that the band visited after 1989, performing for huge crowds at NYC Summer stage in Central Park in 1991.

Amazingly after 40 years of uninterupted existence Garage is still around and with us in NYC today.

Tribute to Bohumil Krčil: Book: Sebráno v New Yorku (2018, Torst)
Early deceased photographer Bohumil „Bob“ Krčil (1952-1992) put together legendary volumes of „Sebráno v New Yorku" in his humble East Village apartment. His remains are resting at the graveyard of his birth place Prostějov, although he passed away in New York, where he lived for the last 12 years of his life. He left Czechoslovakia in 1969 and has traveled with his camera through numerous countries in Europe and Asia before settling in Manhattan. 
First volume of the book was distributed only through limited numbers of xerox prints. Three decades later, publishing house TORST has published and reprinted both of Krčil books.

GARAGE & Tony Ducháček
History of this legendary Prague rock band goes back to 1979 when it was established in a garage of Prague suburbs. Through the 1980s Garage belonged to a new generation of young independent bands inspired by punk, postpunk, pub rock and new wave. Whereas older generation of Czech underground bands (The Plastic People of the Universe, DG 307) created gloomy dark composition inspired by Frank Zappa, The Fugs, Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart, minimalistic music and experimental classical music, new generation of bands, represented by Garage, was more simple direct rock and roll.

People who founded Garage loved Iggy Pop, David Bowie (but also New York Dolls, Ramones, Clash or Stranglers) and whereas The Plastic People of the Universe (PPU) were inspired by Velvet Underground, Garage was always in love with solo Lou Reed. However, PPU and Garage were always interconnected eventhough PPU represented an older (or slightly older) generation. Mejla Hlavsa, leader of PPU, composed some hits for Garage in 1980s, current guitar player Jan Macháček played with PPU in the past (1983-1985).

In the 1980s (under the former communist regime) Garage was allowed to play officialy (sometimes), but it has never been permitted to play for money, eventhough the group was very popular – their concerts in the Prague club Na Chmelnici became legendary!

Garage was not permitted to publish official albums under the communists, so its recordings (once again often recorded in real garages) were circulating in samizdat (underground publishing) on tapes and casettes. Garage’s songs and music are based on a personality of a charismatic leading singer Tony Ducháček. Colour of Ducháček's lazy voice reminds baryton and is similar to that of Lou Reed. Similarly with Lou Reed Ducháček does not scream and shout. Ducháček joined Garage in 1982 and together with a guitar player Jan Macháček are the longest serving members of the band. 

After 1989 revolution there was a peak of Garage career. Band was touring and travelling extensivelly inside the country and in Western Europe. It played on major festivals in France, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium. In June 1991 Garage had a concert in New York Central Park during festival Summer stage. With a song Berlin, Garage won a contest of the best foreign song on RFI (1993) and played at the MIDI fair in Cannes. The group was presented and interviewed by MTV Europe.

During years after 1989 revolution Garage published many albums: first on vinyl and then on CDs. Names of albums are Garáž, Praha, No parking, Apogeum, Nepohadka, Black!. Garage still plays extensively, regularly in Prague and other big cities, it is presented in all major festivals, which are being held in Czech Republic. Currently Garage is preparing a new album.

Photo Credit: Patrick Marek


Co-organized with the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in New York and Bohemian Benevolent Literary Association. Sponsored by ČSOB (KBC Group), America Tours and Trebitsch Whisky.




Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd Street
NY 10021 New York
United States


Oct 11, 2019 7:00 PM


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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