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Jun 4, 2015 - Jun 5, 2015

Václav Havel: Living in Freedom

Václav Havel: Living in Freedom (Život podle Václava Havla) at the Greenwich International Film Festival.


Václav Havel: Living in Freedom (Život podle Václava Havla), 2014, 71 min.
Documentary by Andrea Sedláčková will be shown at the inaugural Greenwich International Film Festival .
Thursday, June 4th at 5PM 
Friday, June 5th at 11AM

For complimentary tickets, please rsvp at: stapletonoffice@gmail.com or call 203.622.1382 and ask for Deidre or Marek if you prefer speaking in Czech.

Think the life of a deceased Czech intellectual, writer, and politician can’t have the urgency of a modern-day political thriller? Think again. Václav Havel — Living in Freedom propels its viewers forward with an uncanny level of insight into the enigmatic world of social life in the Soviet Union by anchoring its focus on the life of one of its greatest figures.

Organized by Greenwich International Film Festival

Bow Tie Cinema, 2 Railroad Ave, Greenwich, CT

From: Jun 4, 2015
To: Jun 5, 2015


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