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Sep 21, 2018 - Sep 23, 2018

Tribute to Miloš Forman / Black Peter

A tribute to the late Miloš Forman with a special screening of Black Peter. Organized in collaboration with Film Society of Lincoln Center.


Friday, September 21, 7:00pm (6pm reception)
Sunday, September 23, 4:00pm

Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center

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Black Peter / Černý Petr
Miloš Forman, Czechoslovakia, 1963, 85 min
Czech with English subtitles

Miloš Forman’s first narrative feature is one of the foundational works of the Czechoslovak New Wave, setting the stage for the artistic flowering to come with its air of brash irreverence and youthful abandon. Set over the course of a lazy summer, it follows aimless teenager Peter as he starts a new job as a (too timid) supermarket security guard, flirts awkwardly at the beach and on the dance floor, and finds himself increasingly disenchanted with his old-school father’s lectures on personal responsibility. Mixing vérité-like naturalism, puckish humor, and freewheeling stylistic touches, Forman fashions a wry, sensitive snapshot of stumbling, bumbling adolescence. 

New digital restoration courtesy of the Czech National Film Archive.

"The most difficult scene in Black Peter came towards the end of the shoot, and it was a production nightmare. We needed a long scene at a dance, but didn’t have the money to hire extras. It was summer, so we decided to rent an ice rink and a band in Kolin, throw a free dance on a Saturday night, write “for free” on the door and shoot the scene with people who’d show up. In four hours – from eight to midnight – we would have to get seven minutes of screen time on film. There were going to be no second chances."  - Miloš Forman


Lincoln Center, Walter Reade Theater (165 W. 65th Street)


From: Sep 21, 2018
To: Sep 23, 2018


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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