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Mar 19, 2020 - Mar 20, 2020

INSPIRATION: Czechs Making DIY Face Masks

Solidarity in the times of coronavirus. The Czech nation showed its strength and inspiring human approach as thousands of Czechs filled their time during the nationwide quarantine by sewing face masks, which are in high demand. Photo Credit: Facebook Aneta Půhonná.


Face masks and critical thinking - Petr Ludwig

Petr Ludwig, who was a special guest at our Meet Up: Cucumber Lemonade last year, has created a video that became an instant hit among Czechs. He is sharing important information on the positives of using a face mask.

Watch the video with English subtitles HERE

The Czech government has approved a ban on going out anywhere in public while not wearing a surgical mask or covering one’s nose and mouth with a scarf. The measure is valid as of midnight March 18, 2020.

Dozens of instruction videos appeared on Facebook and other social media over the past few days advising people how to make protective facemasks using any material available at home, from old pillow cases, unused T-shirts to plastic bottles and paper handkerchiefs. Thousands of volunteers, including individuals and companies, are producing masks for medical staff in hospitals and for social workers caring for the elderly. 

A Facebook group called Česko šije roušky, which shares instructions on how to make DIY facemasks, has some 24,000 members at the moment. One of the instruction videos on how to make a simple facemask using a paper handkerchief was posted by Pavel Březovský, head of the National Institute of Public Health, which is responsible for running the coronavirus testing in the Czech Republic. It was shared on social media by one of the medical faculties of Prague’s Charles University. Rector of the Czech Technical University, nuclear physicist Vojtěch Petráček, has posted a picture of himself wearing a home-made mask made from a plastic bottle with directions on how to make one on your own. Meanwhile, the Technical University in Liberec started producing facemasks made of special nano-material. It has already provided around one thousand pieces to the regional authority, which distributes them to medical and social workers. 

Source: Radio Prague International - Czechs resort to making DIY facemasks in face of their shortage, 17.3.2020 



Czech fashion students, who are sewing masks to help battle coronavirus, are featured on DAZED

In Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design’s studios, a number of students have so far crafted hundreds of face masks. Sending them out to ‘hospitals, retirement homes, volunteers or any other people in need,’ the initiative was put into place after the government issued an order that everyone should wear face masks but neglected to actually provide them.

“During this weekend some hospitals in Czech Republic started to ask for face masks (even handmade) on social media,” says Alice Klouzková, an assistant at the university. “Because our fashion design students and fashion designers can sew and many have small workshops with sewing machines, they answered the request and began to help.”

Full article HERE

Aneta Půhonná offered a helping hand. She is sewing face masks for seniors.

Brightly colored skirts and dresses, children's tracksuits, jackets or tops that Aneta Půhonná, based in a small village ​Sobotice in the Liberec region, normally sews at home and offers on Facebook, are being replaced by face masks. It is precisely these protective face masks that are now in short supply in the Czech Republic and Aneta has decided to put her talent and skill where needed the most.

Photo Credit: Facebook Aneta Půhonná

A Facebook group called Czechia sews face masks went viral after it was launched on Sunday, drawing 24,500 members in two days as droves of women armed with sewing machines signed up to do battle with the disease. Many mask makers are women staying home to care for children after the government shut schools to stem infections, while husbands and boyfriends are also threading their needles in the fight. The technique is relatively straightforward: people typically sew together specially cut pieces of clean bed sheets folded three times and then fit them with strings to tie up around the back of the head.  

Source: France24 - Stitch in time: Czechs sew to combat virus mask shortage, 17.3.2020

Photo Source: France24


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