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Sep 28, 2012 - Oct 20, 2012

Ivana Sramkova

Glass Exhibition at Heller Gallery, 420 West 14th Street, NYC.

The sculptures of Ivana Šrámková are three-dimensional distillations of basic figurative forms, both animal and human, with a healthy dose of character. Reduced to their essence each is described in a language of simple geometric symbols. What makes them extraordinary is Šrámková's ability to give them just enough of the archetypal to make them identifiable, just enough gesture to endow them with wit, and just enough reference to make them universal. As such they stand comfortably in the timeless continuum of art and artifact.

Šrámková's work includes full-size and small cast glass pieces from her animal and figure series. Fabricated in parts the sculptures are held together through careful calibration and puzzle-like assembly. The artist makes several castings of each form. Sometimes it is to experiment with color, other times it is just to perfect a small gesture or a minor detail. In her essay for a catalogue on Šrámková's work, entitled Robo-Animals and Revolution, curator Suzanne Frantz writes: "Some time ago Šrámková came to terms with her past horror of time-consuming and expensive technology. When a piece that has been cooling and annealing for days or weeks is broken free of the mold, the glass may contain a single small flaw that renders it a complete loss. If the casting is successful it is followed by many more hours of hand grinding and polishing. Melting glass in molds must surely be one of the world's most frustrating ways to make sculpture. Nevertheless, there is no other material or technique that yields the same intensity of colored light and, at the same time, monumental ephemerality that we can touch."

Ivana Šrámková, recipient of the 1991 Prague Glass Prize emerging artist award, was a member of professor Stanislav Libensky's prominent last class, from which some of the leading figures of the 'new generation' of Czech artists have emerged. Šrámková's catalogue Robo-Animals and Revolution, accompanying her eponymous 2002 Heller Gallery exhibition, and published by the gallery, won the top 2003 graphic design prize of the Union of Czech Graphic Artists. Šrámková's work has been exhibited in Europe, the United States and Japan. Her sculptures are represented in the collections of museum such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York and the Museum of Modern Art in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Heller Gallery
420 West 14th Street, NYC


Heller Gallery, 420 West 14th St., NYC


From: Sep 28, 2012
To: Oct 20, 2012


Organized by Heller Gallery

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