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Jan 28, 2016 7:00 PM


Jakub Jansa and Jonáš Strouhal discuss the artistic and scientific research that is involved with the creation of “The Name of the Project is Project Itself”, a yearlong initiative at Czech Center NY.


At the Lecture Demonstration on 28 January 2016 the audience can experience one of these Art and Science procedural performances called “First Scratch”.

Jonáš motivates himself and other people to scratch or have their new possessions scratched. He utilizes various techniques and has altered 3 laptops, 12 mobile phones, 4 tablets and a parquet floor. Jonáš Strouhal oscillates between art and serious research in the fields of humanities and natural science. You can follow the hashtag #firstscratch.

Their work is similar to system engineers of the physical world. They create installations and procedural performances often responsive to the context of the place and combining different means of expressions. In most cases, they do not look for the current language of the gallery environment, and if they choose one, it is only as a camouflage for connecting themselves to another part of reality.

Installation and procedural performances will take place on architecturally interesting open spaces, in gardens, courtyards, street corners, abandon buildings, garages, industrial spaces, train stations.

Czech Center New York will transform its gallery into the entrance portal. The works of the invited artists are not limited to the gallery space, but instead the artists will be free to move along their chosen areas in New York City and create their interventions directly at any given particular location. The selected places are areas that visitors usually do not have access to, and their precise location will remain hidden for them. The only transmitted image of the installation will be placed in the gallery in the form of a video.

The blending of artistic and scientific approaches in the process of their work occurs naturally, yet they do not stop at the mere fascination with the possibilities of scientific research. Scientific work aims to achieve a clear and precise result. On the other hand, for the work of an artist to be completely closed to interpretation from the viewer is almost unimaginable. It is evident that the mission for both worlds is different - the artist is responsible for the form of his thesis submission, while scientists are responsible for its subsequent verification.



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Jan 28, 2016 7:00 PM


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