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Feb 11, 2014 7:00 PM

Kafka Translated

A launch for the first book about the translations of Franz Kafka’s fiction, Kafka Translated: How Translators Have Shaped Our Reading of Kafka.

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Kafka Translated is the first book to look at the issue of translation and Kafka's work. What effect do the translations have on how we read Kafka? Are our interpretations of Kafka influenced by the translators' interpretations? In what ways has Kafka been 'translated' into Anglo-American culture by popular culture and by academics?

The book investigates issues central to the burgeoning field of translation studies: the notion of cultural untranslatability; the centrality of female translators in literary history; and the under-representation of the influence of the translator as interpreter of literary texts.
It specifically focuses on the role of two of Kafka's first translators, Milena Jesenská and Willa Muir, as well as two contemporary translators, Mark Harman and Michael Hofmann, and how their work might allow us to reassess reading Kafka. From here Kafka Translated opens up the whole process of translation and re-examines accepted and prevailing interpretations of Kafka's work.

A panel discussion on translating Kafka with Michelle Woods, Mark Harman (translator of The Castle and Amerika), Susan Bernofsky (translator of "The Metamorphosis"), and Alex Zucker (translator of contemporary Czech fiction).


Organized in collaboration with Michelle Woods and Alex Zucker

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Feb 11, 2014 7:00 PM


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