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Sep 13, 2013 - Sep 29, 2013

Martin Papcún - “…We carry it on”

Martin Papcun explores private relationships with public spaces and the spaces we inhabit, in works both monumental and miniature. His work is continuously focused on relationships, definitions of private/ public space, and gaps between. Generally, the author examines the differences between communication systems (states, nations, subcultures and individuals) and their own language systematically interprets the broad socio-political systems.

Martin Papcun was working with a South Bronx family originally from Puerto Rico, to creates “… We carry it on,” a complex slide projections out of the family’s window that overlays vistas from their native country onto their current street view. “From the windows of the house are projecting 4 slide projectors in direction in to the street pictures of same view, as Libertad and Monxo had in Puerto Rico, from houses they grow up, from they past homes. 
In short distance from the house are hanging mirrors over the street, reflecting projected pictures back in to the windows where are framed half transparent screens. In the look through  are projected pictures on the screen overlap with reality viewed on the street in the same time.
“Feelings, memories and moments from our past homes are stuck in our memory. Sometimes, for a brief moment, an eyewink, we go back, and suddenly past overlaps with present”. The multi-layered projection illuminates the many realities we always carry with us.

Installation is on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays 7-9pm, till 9/28/2013
271 Alexander Avenue, South Bronx



Site-specific installation "... We carry it on" is part of One Big City, a series of collaborative residencies and events produced by CEC ArtsLink in pertnership with leading cultural venues to engage New York City`s diaspora communities through international arts initiatives. One Big City is funded by The Rockefeller Foundation`s NYC Cultural Inovation Fund and the Trust for Mutual Understanding.


271 Alexander Avenue, South Bronx


From: Sep 13, 2013
To: Sep 29, 2013


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