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Nov 14, 2020 7:00 PM

Masterclass with Matěj Číp, the “Cimbalom Guy”

Showcasing the Cimbalom: A Selection of Cimbalom Compositions with an Introduction to the Instrument.


Matěj Číp prepared a unique complex presentation of the cimbalom, the instrument he brought with him from the Czech Republic to share with American audience.
In this interactive lecture for Czech Center New York you will have a chance to listen to various cimbalom compositions and songs performed live by Číp accompanied by informative presentation which will help you to uncover the real potential of this magical instrument and Číp’s main mission in the United States. 

Recording of Online ZOOM event, Saturday, November 14, 2020

Matěj Číp, a twenty-three-year-old cimbalom player from the Czech Republic began studying the cimbalom at the age of eight. He studied under the best cimbalom teachers in the Czech Republic, including his first teacher Mrs. Růžena Děcká, the chair of the Czech Cimbalom Association, at the Elementary School of Music in Valašské Meziříčí in Eastern Moravia. He later got accepted to Janáček Conservatory of Music in Ostrava where he got his Associate’s Degree in Cimbalom Education. His main mentor in Ostrava was the Czech renown cimbalom player and composer Dr. Daniel Skála. Under his guidance Číp graduated with honors in 2018. In that year, Číp was also accepted into the music performance program at Northern State University (Aberdeen, SD), where he became the very first cimbalom student at the university level in the United States.

During his studies in the Czech Republic Číp successfully participated in many solo or chamber music competitions for the cimbalom. One of his most important achievements is winning the first prize as a solo player and the title of the Laureate of the 2017 International Cimbalom Festival and Competition. He also received a Special Jury Award for the performance of the composition “Suite for the Cimbalom” by Czech composer Milan Slimáček. Číp also debuted with Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in Ostrava with a performance of “Concertino for the Cimbalom” by Czech composer Jaromír Dadák. 


Číp’s main mission is to enhance the awareness of the cimbalom in the United States by providing lectures and concerts to music students and the general public. He enjoys cooperating with American performers, teachers, and composers as well as experimenting with various styles of music, including: classical music, and jazz. His activities and engagements includes concerts with symphony orchestras and a commission of a cimbalom concerto by American conductor, composer and trumpet player Anthony Plog. Číp is also active on his YouTube channel, titled: “Cimbalom Guy,” which he uses as a platform to introduce the cimbalom to the general public.  


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Nov 14, 2020 7:00 PM


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