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Jun 14, 2016 7:00 PM


Live action painting! Jan Miko uses a variety of instruments and implements to craft his big, bold and brave commentary on urban existence.


During his residency from 9-14 June anyone can join him in the gallery between 10 -6 and help create a new artwork under his Miko’s guidance.

Jan Miko started his action paintings at 2008 working with different performance artists or performing his one man show at various locations, outdoor spaces, parks, old factories, garages, churches and theater and gallery venues. He creates his artworks as some kind of activism, often working in extreme situations. The most recently he traveled to Iraq to react on war conflict and to meet with Iraqi artist Bahman with whom he did several outdoor graffiti and action paintings.

Often his creations are accompanied by dancers who add to his dynamic artistry. He uses a variety of instruments and implements to craft his big, bold and brave commentary on urban existence.

Jan Miko is an artist of a generation, who has significantly influenced Street Art and Graffiti. His paintings are inspired by street culture and the city suburbs where he grew up and inevitably became a part of. His first paintings “on the wall” were created in 1994. In the earliest days of Czech Street Art, Miko co-founded a group PGINT. This group smoothly moved to street art from graffiti and received high acclaim. His independent action paintings were presented in Prague, Amsterdam, Paris and Warsaw. From 2004 onwards Miko was an assistant of Vít Soukup, Ph.D. Two years later he became a student of painting at the Academy of Arts in the studio of Stanislav Divis. Following the tragic death of Vít Soukup, he produced a series of paintings titled “Vomiting” as a reaction to this period in his life. Most recently, Miko worked in Iraq as part of the socio-documentary project entitled “One Blood Project”. The project aimed to discover and explore the connections between Czech and international street culture.




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Jun 14, 2016 7:00 PM


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