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Dec 1, 2015 7:00 PM


Film direction students from Prague FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts) will present their movies. The youngest generation of directors and hopes of Czech direction will be introduced. Perhaps, the new Forman is hidden among them?

A Q&A session with the students will follow the screenings.

The Directing Department was one of the first at FAMU. At its inception was its first head and the creator of the instructional concept,Otakar Vávra. Prominent film directors including Václav Wassermann, Jiří Weiss, Václav Krška,Bořivoj Zeman, Elmar Klos, Zdenek Sirový,František Filip, Jan Matějovský and Vlado Delong have worked in the department since the beginning, as have prominent actors such as Karel Höger and Radovan Lukavský. The goal of the program is to train broadly educated film and television directors; it therefore includes, in addition to core subjects, also lectures and seminars on the history of film, literature and fine arts, as well as instruction in philosophy, sociology and foreign languages.
The large number of practical exercises (9) tests students’ talent and abilities in film as well as in television production; they teach students the craft from the selection of a topic to the literary elaboration of the selected material to the actual realization. The results, i.e. film and television exercises, are then presented in procedure tests and core subject examinations. In the practical exercises, the directing student collaborates with a range of related film professions  (Camera, editing, sound, production, scenography, dramaturgy), and demonstrates his or her ability to communicate and to lead a film or television crew and actors. The student expands his or her knowledge in the area of film, theatre, literature, music and fine arts, and also seeks his or her own creative orientation.

The films presented on the evening include:

I like Nora / Nora sa mi páči
Direction: Aramisova, 2008
12:00 min
Night in the city. Nora, Kendy, Ivan and Andrej are enjoying it. There is a spark between Ivan and Nora, and the chemistry begins to flow. Teasing is a sign of affection. A non-verbal story about what each of us has experienced and was different every time. Not always to our satisfaction, and not uncommonly also through our own fault. (Ivan: “She’s weird, she confuses everyone so beautifully. I feel her. It’ll be a long journey. But I guess I messed it up right at the start.”)


Food chain / Potravní řetězec
Direction:Hana Merková, 2014
Julie loves Tomas. Tomas loves Katerina and Katerina loves just herself. Martin is Julia’s sincere friend and observes these three in their “food chain” of love and selfishness. The question is: to eat or be eaten? A bitter comedy.

Direction: Jakub Šmíd, 2015
23 min
The former military airport is a no-access area. For two troublemaking step-brothers from estranged households, however, it is a place to hide from the world. One adventure goes awry and an unwilling trio of allies, including the boys’ two mothers, must act before mischief turns into tragedy.

Little Guide to Mushrooms  / Malý atlas hub
Direction: Tomáš Janáček, 2014
19:19 min
Before leaving for university, a group of friends visit their old teacher at his summer house. During the course of the night, past secrets are revealed.

Direction: Tomáš Klein/Tomáš Merta, 2014
When Milan’s wife leaves him and takes their son with her, he steals the last memory of a happy family – their retriever, Goldy. Goldy becomes a guide to his life, mind and soul. A pack of wild dogs together with Goldy run through Milan’s mind and bring him back to his lost family.


Grass Widow / Zelená vdova
Direction: Luboš Kučera, 2014
An empty functionalist residence and a dysfunctional relationship that causes boredom and troubles for the lonely wife of a man with political ambitions. A comedy about a frozen bank account, an election misunderstanding, a trespasser and the desire to extricate oneself from a void.


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Dec 1, 2015 7:00 PM


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