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Dec 3, 2015 7:00 PM


The Czech animation genre includes artists such as Jiří Trnka, Karel Zeman & Jan Švankmajer. What can we expect from this generation of young animators?

Q&A with students after the screening.

The Department of Animation was established at FAMU with regular full-time study in 1991,but even before this distance learning was available in the form of a course to requalify animators to direct animated films. This programme and later the department itself were founded by prominent animators led by worldrenowned director Břetislav Pojar, renowned screenwriter Jiří Kubíček and excellent artist Radek Pilař. The Department of Animation has accomplished much over the quarter-century of its existence: during the turbulent period of modernising animation technologies, it endeavoured to keep the bar high and to incorporate into its instruction and the production

of its students not only technological skills bit also knowledge in the discipline, the necessary filmmaking craftsmanship, and especially the added value of high-quality artistic work.Films by Department of Animation students regularly receive major awards around the world, and thus contribute the lion’s share to

FAMU’s prestige. Its graduates become leading producers of Czech animation.

The animated projects from FAMU include:

Martin Máj: Punch and Judy
6:00, 2014
A freak grotesque about hand puppets and their puppet master.

Jakub Kouřil: M.O.
6:35, 2012
The story of a lonely old lady who mail-orders a mechanical old man to liven up her days.

Jakub Kouřil: Malý Cousteau/The Little Cousteau
8:00, 2013
This short animated film about a little boy who longs for deep-sea adventures in a snow-covered city is an homage to Jacques Cousteau.


Kateřina Karhánková: Nový druh/The New Species
6:19, 2013
This is a story about three children who find a mysterious bone and about their journey trying to find out what kind of creature the bone belonged to.Three children find a mysterious bone.They are enthusiastic about the discovery and imagine what kind of creature this bone could have belonged to. They conclude that it was a huge unknown animal from the time of the dinosaurs.
They present their discovery to authorities such as a teacher, a mother and a scientist, but the others do not share their enthusiasm. The children lose interest, bury the bone back where they found it and leave.

Afterwards, however, the viewer can see that a huge skeleton of an unknown animal was hidden under the spot and the mysterious bone was just a tiny part of it.

Pixa Libor: Graffitiger
10:00, 2010
The film tells the story of a lonely painted graffiti-tiger who makes his home on the walls and façades of Prague’s buildings. The city,full of dirty little spray-painted streets and alleys, is a wild jungle where the tiger searches for a way back to his lost love. Graffitiger offers a non-traditional view of Prague. It features the city’s well-known panoramas but also places hidden to most people.

Alexandra Hetmerová: Mythopolis
11:36, 2013
Legendary characters from Greek mythology live their lives and address their problems in today’s world.

Jan Saska: Přepadení /Robbery       
1:33, 2012
A short story about a failed bank robbery.

Juan Atienza: HOMELAND
6:00, 2009
A touching story of the silent and simple acts that represent a friendship between the most diverse of creatures.


Ondřej Dolejší: V zahradě/In the Garden
7:40, 2014
Flying birds. Birds garden. Garden inside. Inside man. Man centre. Centre coming. Coming house. House closed. Closed heavily.Heavily raining. Raining house. House storm. Storm shadow. Shadow shadow. Shadow out. Out garden. Garden flowing. Flowing silently. Silently open. Open house. House leaving.Leaving centre. Centre man. Man out. Out garden. Garden birds. Birds Flying.

The Department of Animation UMPRUM presents some of their students best movies, some of which were created as part of their practical exercise challenges  (the topic of the exercise is given, for example Special Effect or Czech National Anthem). For other movies students have chosen their own themes.


Topic: Special Effect

Magdalena Kvasničková - Special Effect  0:58

Ester Nemjóová - Trikový soubor / Effects Set 2:00

Eliška Vojtková - Special Effect 2:40
The motion picture has the power to bring felicitous feelings to viewers as well as serious bouts of aggression. But on the screen are nothing more than shimmering points of colour… so where’s the trick? The video, cut only from material found on YouTube, endeavours to show ironically the other side of the spectacle known as the “viewer experience” by literally unmounting and turning round the monitor on which it is displayed. Faith in the pixels is broken, there is no romance…

Pavel Soukup - Hopscotch 0:24

Pavel Soukup - Deep Dark Fears Light 0:37

Topic: Czech National Anthem

Jan Šimsa – Where is my home? 0:45

A playful animation of a note transcription of the Czech National Anthem.

Matouš Vyhnánek - Repre 1:40
A montage of documentary footage from the Czech National Football Team’s matches.


Auteur films:

Timo Hirschmann - Morph 2:33
MORPH – 3D Sculptures in Motion is an abstract particle animation experiment and exercise done in After Effects using the Element  3D plugin. The idea to create this piece is the result of my ongoing experimental expedition into discovering the endless possibilities that  particle simulation holds.

Jan Drozda - Ohm Square, The Incredible 3:30
An authorial film by Jan Drozda, shot during his journey around Asia – video of music by Ohm Square, The incredible.

Kaja Skrbnišek - Mali Dah 2:15
An authorial film by Kaja Skrbnišek from Slovenia and created during her internship in the Film and TV Graphics Studio at VŠUP/UMPRUM in the winter semester of 2012-2013.Video of an authorial song by Kaja Skrbnišek.

Vojtěch Domlátil - 2:50
An authorial film and final project in the summer semester of 2010-2011. Real action connected with animations of a puppet and real objects – the story of a girl and a little piece of vegetable in a Chinese soup. English subtitles.


Vojtěch Domlátil - Kitchen Tales 7:25
The kitchen of a forgetful granny comes to life when she is not around. Saltshaker, Sugarbowl and the rest are set to fix what she has accidentally forgotten. Wise Saltshaker leads every rescue mission, since he knows best how to touch up each meal. Easy-going Sugarbowl is sometimes relaxed and carefree enough to spoil Saltshaker’s morals. Will their plans be foiled by the feared rapper Tartar,hiding in the fridge?

Matouš Vyhnánek - Black Hole Apocalypse 4:40
An authorial film and final project in the winter semester of 2013-2014. A comical vision of God who plays football with the Earth. Cutout animation and computer elaboration.


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Dec 3, 2015 7:00 PM


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