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Oct 12, 2018 3:00 PM - Oct 19, 2018

New Czech Cinema at the Imagine Science Film Festival

The Imagine Science Film Festival (ISF) is happy to be featuring new three films by up-and-coming Czech filmmakers this year. The festival seeks to promote a dialogue between science and art, while its satellite locations have since its founding in 2008 already included cities like Berlin, Hong Kong or San Francisco.


ISF was founded by Alexis Gambis at Rockefeller University as a non-profit organization, revolving around the meeting point between scientists and filmmakers. ISF offers a challenging, interdisciplinary venue, mixing documentary, scientific fiction, and experimental film. Every one of the three hosting Czech filmmakers contributes to the diverse portfolio of ISF in their own, unique way. 

Adéla Komrzy comes to the festival for the second time in order to introduce her new experimental essay on vision and technology An Absence of Reciprocity in Vulnerability, Losses, and Risks. The film will show in the Saturday night program Through the Singularity, followed by a panel discussion with Adéla and other filmmakers.

Tickets for Through the Singularity available here

Just in advance of the Czech Premiere at Ji.hlava, the ISF will also be showing the World Premiere of the new film by Franz Milec, Buffer Zone Blues. The film investigates thousands of recently-declassified cold-war era military targets in Eastern Europe and the former USSR, and will show in the program Crisis Studies.

Tickets for Crisis Studies available here. 

 Lastly, the ISF includes the U.S. Premiere of Magdalena Kvasničková’s Hypnogagia in the Life Lines program of films dealing with medical and psychological themes.

Tickets for Life Lines available here


The Imagine Science Film Festival 

October 12 - 19 2018

More information at www.imaginesciencefilms.org

P.S. We are happy to share with you our exclusive discount code ISFF11CZECH for the Eventbrite tickets for both Life Lines and Crisis Studies.



From: Oct 12, 2018 3:00 PM
To: Oct 19, 2018


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