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May 9, 2012 - May 13, 2012

New Czech Films U.S. Tour 2012

See what’s hot in contemporary Bohemian filmmaking with another edition of New Czech Films, featuring the directorial debut of the late playwright and former Czech president Vaclav Havel, award-winning narrative and documentary films, and Q&As with directors Radim Spacek and Bohdan Slama. Organized by BAMcinématek, Czech Center New York, and Czech Film Center, this touring series debuts at BAM before traveling the US. Curated by Irena KovarovaAM

New Czech Films - 12th  edition of the series showcasing contemporary Czech filmmaking.
This seven-film primer features the filmmaking debut of playwright and former Czech President Vaclav Havel, award-winning narratives and documentaries, and Q&As with directors Bohdan Slama, Radim Spacek, and Tomas Lunak (details below)
Oganized bythe Czech Center New York, BAMcinématek, and the Czech Film Center.
Curated by Irena Kovarova.


New Czech Films schedule

 Wed, May 9

7*, 9:30pm: Four Suns
*Q&A with Bohdan Slama

Thu, May 10
6:50, 9:30pm: Identity Card

Fri, May 11
5, 9pm: Leaving
7pm: Matchmaking Mayor

 Sat, May 12
2:30, 5:30pm*: Walking Too Fast
*Q&A with Radim Spacek
*Reception after the screening - Supported by STAROPRAMEN BEER 

9pm: Alois Nebel
Q&A with Tomas Lunak

Sun, May 13
2, 4pm: Long Live the Family


Film Descriptions
All films in 35mm and in Czech with English subtitles unless otherwise noted.Alois Nebel (2011) 84min
Directed by Tomas Lunak. With Miroslav Krobot, Marie Ludvikova, Leos Noha.
This remarkably assured debut employs black-and-white rotoscope animation to tell the story of a lonely, middle-aged train dispatcher. Struggling with nightmares from his post-WWII experience, he finds solace in the regularity of the train schedule, but his bad dreams are rekindled with the appearance of a mysterious mute and the surrounding tumult of the Velvet Revolution.
Sat, May 12 at 9pm / Q&A with Lunak

Four Suns
(2012) 90min
Directed by Bohdan Slama. With Jaroslav Plesl, Anna Geislerova, Karel Roden.
Fresh from Sundance, Slama’s (Something Like Happiness) latest sees Fogi in a downward spiral, watching his teenage son repeating his own mistakes, while his wife’s patience is running out. He seeks refuge in his friendship with a male mystic. Through crushing tragedy, Slama finds transcendent moments of grace and redemption.
Wed, May 9 at 7*, 9:30pm / *Q&A with Slama

Identity Card (2010) 129min
Directed by Ondrej Trojan. With Libor Kovár, Matous Vrba, Jan Vlcek.
This bittersweet comedy chronicles the highs and lows of four teenage boys coming of age in the 80s. Receiving their state-issued ID marks their entrance into adulthood with all its advantages—namely the ability to purchase alcohol freely—as well as its constraints, which include being frisked by the police.
Thu, May 10 at 6:50, 9:30pm 

Leaving (2011) 94min
Directed by Vaclav Havel. With Josef Abrham, Dagmar Havlova Veskrnova, Jaroslav Dusek.
Before becoming the Czech president, the late Vaclav Havel was a great playwright. This searing satire, which is based on his play of the same name and his real-life experience in politics, tells the story of an ousted leader who must decide whether to publicly support his successor or give up his state-owned villa. Havel’s real-life wife co-stars as the politico’s girlfriend.
Fri, May 11 at 5, 9pm

Long Live the Family (2011) 90min
Directed by Robert Sedlacek. With Igor Chmela, Eva Vrbkova, Simona Babcakova.
One of the most strident voices in Czech cinema, Sedlacek crafts a searing commentary on contemporary society. A nouveau riche business executive goes on the run from the police, masking his escape as a family trip, claiming all the while that his chosen career, and the embezzlement that ensued, was all for the good of his family.
Sun, May 13 at 2, 4pm

Matchmaking Mayor (2011) 72min
Directed by Erika Hnikova. With Jozef Gajdos, Dana Pasekova, Monika Maxova.
Many villages in contemporary eastern Slovakia face a dire future. Populations are dwindling due largely to the lack of suitable partners and the younger generation’s attitude towards marriage and long-term relationships. Enter the local mayor, who decides to introduce the advantages of couplehood to his fellow 30-something citizens in this amusing, revealing documentary. In Slovak with English subtitles.
Fri, May 11 at 7pm

Walking Too Fast (2010) 146min
Directed by Radim Spacek. With Ondrej Maly, Kristina Farkasova, Martin Finger.
A secret agent willfully uses his power to destroy opponents of the 1980s Communist regime in this engaging thriller, the first Czech film of its kind since the Velvet Revolution. In depicting the grim reality that pervaded Czech life at the time, the film reveals a commonality among its characters: that everyone was searching for an escape.
Sat, May 12 at 2:30, 5:30pm* / *Q&A with Spacek 


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BAM, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, New York


From: May 9, 2012
To: May 13, 2012


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