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Sep 5, 2020

Outdoor Film Screening: Rebels in Connecticut

Visitors picked the Czech musical film Rebels for an outdoor screening at a small open-air popup cinema in Connecticut. A film event to close out the summer – this time with a sixties’ theme – has been an ongoing tradition held by the Plavec family for their friends and neighbors in Stratford, Connecticut, this year supported by the Czech Center New York.

September 5, 2020

With our traditional rooftop screenings at the Bohemian National Hall canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Czech Center New York has instead chosen the path of small, outdoor cultural events. This was the first one to take place outside of New York and during the Labor Day weekend.

Rebels is a Czech retro musical from 2001, directed by Filip Renc, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Zdenek Zelenka. The film stars Zuzana Norisova, Tomas Hanak, and Jan Revai. It earned five nominations for the Czech Lion awards (top national awards) and went on to win for sound and costumes. The film features many catchy songs and humorous moments, yet it takes place in 1968, right before the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, and thus has a seriousness to it which speaks to our compatriots in the US across generations. 

Due to limited capacity, this event was by invitation only. 


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Sep 5, 2020


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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